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Like they said, he's a brilliant business man. He creates the hate just so people watch more. It's genius.

Kos is still one of my favorite fighters though, I just love his persona.

Not sure if I buy that. He couldn't control himself with GSP paramedic talked back to him. If he had been able to laugh that off it would make sense. He's an angry baby.

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Jon Jones

Height: 6 ft 4

Reach: 84.5 in (7feet 0.5inch)

he has a FOOT of reach advantage in this fight.

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I dunno Jones will have a huge size advantage

Not really. Bones has the longest reach in the UFC... Silva isn't exactly a TRex though.

Spider Silva is 6'2 with a 77.5inch reach

Bones Jones is 6'4 with a 84.5inch reach

He has a 11 inch reach advantage tonight, he'd have a 7 inch advantage on Silva. You aren't going to get much more even though unless he fights Brock who has an 81 inch wingspan. Silva has longer arms then Rua, Evans, or Rampage though.

Silva has a massive punching power advantage over Jones IMO and terrific accuracy with strikes. If Jones let pride get into the way and banged with him he is likely to go to sleep. His advantage would be significant if he took Silva down.

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