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**** professional league all-star games. Other than MLB, none of them have any kind of relevance. And it's not because MLB's All Star Game decides home field in the WS. It's always good to see the AL beat down on that inferior old-fashioned league. It's always good to see the stars of the game start, and defer to the backups after 2 or 3 innings. Not to mention the last couple AL-NL All Star games have been pretty interesting. It's not about And-1 basketball like the NBA's game. It's not about soft play like the NFL Pro Bowl. The MLB All-Star game is usually competitive and a lot of good fun. By far the best of all all-star games.

The concept of an all-star game is antiquated. In the past even MLB's All-Star game had a lot of relevance as Pete Rose played his heart out. We all remember his physical play at home plate. He was playing HARD in an all-star game. We don't have that anymore.

Personally an all-star tournament is better. Which is essentially what the World Juniors and Olympic hockey tournaments are. It's not just one game. It's several. And several teams are involved too. It's about country.

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DLSF is studying in London this semester. My wife is enjoying a casual chat with her right this moment in the kitchen via Skype.

Technology is cool. :)

I love Skype!!!

My mom discovered AIM back when I studied abroad :) I talked to her almost every morning (evening for her).

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One thing I hate about the internet are these people who have ONE page blogs. Sometimes I'm doing a search and I happen to click on a link. Than I have to wait forever while the page loads because some fool has a million things on one page. Than I have to scroll through millions of entires to find what I was looking for. Seriously, why do people make these one page blogs, is it that hard to make a new page? Pisses me off man

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I completed the eharmony questionnaire, and they said they can't match me due to my answers!

I guess I am too damn complex/weird/whatever for this world.

I did almost hook up with a really cute 20 year old chick on Saturday night. Almost being the key word, dammit.

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