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Random Thought Thread

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Don't you have a phone ? And clearly you have a computer.

Yeah but if I randomly meet someone...I don't always ask for their number or e-mail. 95% chance I can find them on Facebook and start talking to them. It facilitates friendships better than anything these days.

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Wait, what!?!

That movies been around for almost 20 years and you've never seen it!?! The only person you should be blaming is yourself. And I could've sworn that Simba killed Scar when Scar lunged at him and he pushed him over the cliff ( my memory must be really fuzzy).

ACW have you seriously never seen The Lion King?


And it was indeed the hyenas:


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Besides, if I WAS being serious, how would I have known that it was the hyenas who killed Scar? :ols:

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damn what the hell is going on with facebook. My usage of it has already declined quite a lot. I just use the private groups I've made with my friends where we share everything without creepers reading in. Only good feature left on facebook which I'm sure they'll ruin eventually.

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But I have a phone and email...you can get in touch with me either way.

Facebook allows you to have conversations with more than one person at a time. Good way to discuss daily news, sports, etc. with all your friends chiming in at one common place.

Too bad that new features are just making it unnecessarily creepy and stalkerish.

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Vishal, Can't you do the same thing texting ?

On the same topic with multiple people? Say I wanted to discuss a new story, some new science research or just sports opinion, the best way to do it is just post a link either on your facebook wall or group wall and have all your friends chime in at one common place.

This is what I mostly use facebook for. It's a good place to get multiple opinions/debates on a common topic in one place. Sort of like an ES but for people you know.

People should start using the private group feature more. I love it. I have most of my discussions and talks with friends through it. We can share photo albums, news, sports info etc, without others reading in. In general, I limit what goes on my public wall. I don't think it's good for job/school or social reasons to have too much about yourself going on there.

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Random thought I had today:

Anyone else remember Christian Fauria? The TE who came to the Skins from the Patriots?

And that lady who created an account here, just so she could post all the time about Christian Fauria?

:ols: of course....he was only here a year and sucked.

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Serious question:

I am close to finally exploring some uncharted territories of the Middle East...how do you go about it so she realizes its just for fun and no strings attached? I've worked this out before with another girl (from Nepal :hump:), and it lasted a couple times, but I think she hates my guts now and probably told our mutual friend about it so neither girl really talks to me that much anymore.

With the Arab girl, we also share a mutual friend who got us in touch....and she was pretty adamant about me not being a total dick.....but its not me who is leading this crusade....so......****

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