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Random Thought Thread

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Doesn't seem to bad. What is the difference between your physics class and the one for physics major? Your class isn't calculus based?

Yeah exactly that. No calc, just basic trig.

I just hate doing any kind of math lol.

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Thanks for spoiling the ending!


And it was the hyenas.

Wait, what!?!

That movies been around for almost 20 years and you've never seen it!?! The only person you should be blaming is yourself. And I could've sworn that Simba killed Scar when Scar lunged at him and he pushed him over the cliff ( my memory must be really fuzzy).

And Pinnochio was just okay. Theres no way it even comes close to the Lion King. Feivel Goes West was better than Pinnochio, and if you've never seen Feivel Goes West, then you need to go cop that ****. One of the funniest animated movies I've ever seen. Speaking of which, this is my 90's kid flick nostalgia list:

The Mighty Ducks ( every one except the preppy one where they were all teenagers)

The Sandlot

Angels In The Outfield

3 Ninjas


Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas

Space Jam

Cool Runnings

Home Alone

My Girl

Free Willy

Toy Story

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Help anyone?

Every second at Niagara Falls, some 5.0 103 m3 of water falls a distance of 50.0 m. What is the increase in entropy per second due to the falling water? Assume that the mass of the surroundings is so great that its temperature and that of the water stay nearly constant at 20.0°C. Also assume a negligible amount of water evaporates.

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Mr. Sinister - good list.

Yeah, to be honest, I left out a ton of movies, but it would be a real eyesore for me to put everything up there. Normally after all our work was done in pre-school, we would always get to watch a movie while the parents were picking up their kids. I'm pretty sure that I watched almost every kids movie from that decade ('91-'93 to be more specific). Funny enough, preschool was when I was first introduced to soap operas. The lady in charge would always flip to it while we were asleep, but since I was too cool to sleep, I would always peek to see what she was looking at.

The piano riff from The Young & The Restless is stuck in my head to this day, even though I have never seen an entire episode of that show.

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Facebook. I hate you. Go back to simpler ways!

I most despise the status updates on the chat list. What the bleep?

I love wine :)

Seriously...I thought it was bad when they added that row of pictures to everyone's profile. Everyone got used to that, but I can't imagine everyone getting used to this. This **** is painful to look at. WAY too much going on on your home page.

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How did they prevent it prior ? Did you have to have an edu email ?

yeah you had to have a valid college email. If you didn't, then no soup for you. I discovered facebook the first week of Dec 2004. I was cramming for finals my 2nd year at SMU. Yeah...I did horribly on finals that semester. :ols:

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Can't wait for the day when facebook is a thing of the past.

Twitter is moving forward it seems. But I agree.

Unfortunately there will be something else just as attention whoring out there. Not saying everyone uses it for those purposes. But I have a phone and email...you can get in touch with me either way.

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