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  1. Muse is such a good band. I think they are underrated despite how popular they are.
  2. I don't understand people who live in DC and don't know that they have to yield in traffic circles. These people just zoom into Chevy Chase Circle without looking or slowing down. It happens to me more often than not when I'm driving through it. How have you not gotten your car totaled?
  3. Yeah. I got excited to see so many funny/awesome people there. But I didn't laugh as much as I thought I would. Just a little disappointing. Weekend Update makes it worth DVRing the whole show every week. Seth Meyers is fantastic.
  4. I am one of the few people I know who still thinks SNL is worth DVRing. But I thought last night was mediocre by Timberlake standards. He usually has 2-3 really good sketches. There are usually a few that make you laugh out loud. I didn't find myself laughing all that much last night. I thought the episode with Bruno Mars was better. They had so many legends and talented people there last night and didn't use them all that well IMO.
  5. Anyone have an effective fix for my cloudy headlight? I had to get one side of my car fixed at a body shop cuz my neighbor hit it. The side they fixed looks brand new and the other side looks terrible by comparison. It annoys me every time I look at it.
  6. Every time I go to the Apple store I find myself saying "**** this place." They have these "technicians." The only help I've ever gotten from these technicians is "Well we don't fix that. What we do is take your phone that has a small issue and make you spend $200+ on a new one." Thanks for making me wait 90 minutes for that advice. I'm sure one of your other 75 employees couldn't have told me you were going to try to make me buy a new phone.
  7. I don't think I've ever started to watch a TV show when the pilot aired, but I think I'll be doing that with "The Americans." I hope its good. FX has had some pretty decent shows in recent years.
  8. Indeed. Anyone know why the thread on it is closed?
  9. Awesome game to go to. DC is a great basketball city even when our team has 4 wins.
  10. I miss Blockbuster. The selection of movies at the RedBox machine was the worst collection of movies I've ever seen.
  11. SportsCenter ‏@SportsCenter BREAKING: The New Orleans Hornets are expected to change their nickname to the Pelicans as early as 2013-14 season (via Yahoo! Sports) Hey! We won't have the worst nickname in the league anymore.
  12. Ted says "There is nothing for us to do right now" but try to get their first win...Okay, Ted. I'm sure one win is going to save this joke of a franchise and fill those 12,000 empty seats at Verizon Center. Keep doing nothing, it is working like a charm and making your fans really happy.
  13. Every year I hate being at Bethesda bars the night before Thanksgiving. And every year I go to Bethesda bars the night before Thanksgiving.
  14. My comment was removed from one of Ted's blogs. I wasn't even profane/inappropriate at all. I think if you mention the possibility of firing Ernie, you get censored. Too bad not enough people care about the Wiz to start a "Burgundy Revolution/Fire Vinny" type campaign.
  15. This girl I know who drives a $50,000+ Lexus was in a front page story in the Washington Post about how hard her post-grad life is. There's worse cases out there, WaPo.
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