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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team vs Dallas Football Team


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I want us to win.


Now... where we go on a year and our personnel clicks and looks much better than it has and allows us to fill some small holes next offseason and go on another run. 

Or later by losing.


Worst case scenario is a win that puts us out of the top 3 in the draft or a win that allows us to win the division at 4-12 or 5-11. This is as a fan.


As a coach or player they have to want to win. And as a coach I don’t care what it means... I want to win. 

As a fan I want to win long term and not screw ourselves.


Philly has basically come out and said they were looking for a fire sale by the deadline. They’re in first place.

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@Califan007 i completely agree. Just a rude, classless insult. No place for that here (in my opinion)

Let’s beat dallas! Or lose. But....it’s Dallas! But.....tank for Trevor/suck for Sewell/justifiably bad for Justin(fail for fields?)!!! But.....Dallas must lose!! 

im so conflicted!!! 

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LANDOVER, Md. -- The Washington Football Team has announced the following inactives and lineup changes for today's game against the Dallas Cowboys:

The Washington Football Team declared the following players as inactive:

  • No. 7 QB Dwayne Haskins Jr.
  • No. 19 WR Robert Foster
  • No. 58 LB Thomas Davis Sr
  • No. 74 T Geron Christian Sr.
  • No. 83 WR Isaiah Wright
  • No. 95 DE Casey Toohill
  • No. 96 James Smith Williams
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I'm always hoping for wins over our NFC-East rivals, but a win over Dallas would be extra sweet.


I find it too hard for me to support the strategy of Washington tanking for top-picks -- This is a young team that's growing into a new culture and competitive mindset, and I don't want them getting broken in with a pattern of losing each week. Also, some W's means that some of the players being evaluated by Ron & Co., performed well enough to be worth building on next season.  (Washington has to have some success with who they've acquired over the last couple of years, or the rebuild will take even longer; Washington can't fill all the holes in its roster from the 2021 draft.)


Besides, I suspect drafting Trevor is a real long-shot --- even if Washington goes 2-14 or even 1-15.  Jets will likely lose all 16, and maybe some other teams will lose more than Washington ( WFT still has potentially winnable games vs. NFC-East.)

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