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Moose & Squirrel v Boris & Natasha: what's the deal with the rooskies and trumpland?

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The article about Flynn's case to be heard by the DC Circuit court.




  • The full panel of the Washington, DC, Circuit Court of Appeals has agreed to reexamine the legal fight over Michael Flynn's guilty plea from the Mueller investigation.
  • Last month, a three-judge panel from the appeals court ordered a lower federal district judge overseeing the case involving the former Trump national security adviser to dismiss it.
  • Thursday's order vacates that decision and could result in a complee reversal of the three-judge panel's decision to toss out the case.



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My understanding: once someone accepts a plea deal and pleads guilty before a judge, that is the disposition of the case except for sentencing.  


If someone agrees to a plea deal and turns it down before pleading guilty before a judge, that plea deal is voided. The case can be tried or dropped at that point. 


That's what gets me about the Flynn case. He accepted a plea deal and pled guilty before a judge, affirming his guilt. Why does Barr think that just because Flynn wasn't sentenced yet, that the DOJ/Barr drop the case? Where is my understanding wrong?


Another thing, does Flynn's guilty assents go away with a new trial or can they be used against him in a trial?


If it were you or me or anyone not a Trump minion, could this happen to us, or would we get sentenced by a judge after accepting a plea deal and pleading guilty before a judge?


My paralegal education didn't prepare me for a corrupt DOJ and Attorney General.

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15 hours ago, visionary said:
*DeutscheBank tweet*



I'm too conditioned on failure to believe ANYTHING will work. I simply just cannot conceive a scenario where our Senate or our court system allows this prez to be prosecuted for anything. 

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4 minutes ago, NoCalMike said:


Has that major announcement happened yet?

I'm waiting myself but I'm not confident it'll turn out any different than all the other crap that just slides right off trump.


I'm assuming it will either be Nothing or it will be massive and tomorrow it will be Nothing. 

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13 minutes ago, NoCalMike said:


Has that major announcement happened yet?


Yes... The NYAG filed a lawsuit to dissolve the NRA over abuse of funds for personal gain. It's in the gun control thread.

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