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Jumbo's Chop House: The official 2015 twitter MEGA thread, it's HUGE, feat: MC SweetTweetDelete and the MODifications, What not included, RGIII free


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It's not a t-bone ya bone head......



Okay without further adieu, it is time for a new Twitter thread. Since this is the Jumbo super mega thread, I will keep this dissertation down to less than 1K words.


First and foremost any and all RGIII, RgII, Robert Griffin the third, Robert, Robert the QB, Subway Bob, Jesus with a football,  or any and all variations and all similarity hence forth shall be deemed without subjective observance as collective and individually to be inappropriate .


Judgement in violation of all and any preceding motions are considered to be in direct confluence to previous determination thus fore are subject to immediate and/or delayed actions as seen fit by the appointed official previously decided  upon to be the authority deemed in charge. From here forward to referenced both legally and casually known as Jumbo aka recently known as Sweettweetdelete.


Be advised all actions/determinations,  while not required to be reviewed prior to modification, shall be look upon with intensive consideration by an independent panel, at which time they will make motion to either support or challenge said lawful action by "Jumbo" and will pass such conclusions onto the proper authority (s). We make no lawful claim nor responsibilities for previous statements. 


In summary, we the Board of the Obtuse EXtremeSkins Twitter Authority declare that the football season and the twitterfication is now in play. Please observe common sense and forgo any undoing henceforth.



Forget the legalities and let's have a great season....


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Should've worked in something about it being steam-powered. But I like it. 

Well if you don't see the hot air in that? pft. Anyway the Chop house came from TK's. lol 

In before close. 





Uh, I'll have just a salad. 

 Sir we serve chops, and I see you have none. 

























drum roll. 

Renee ✌ retweeted

I was released by the @Redskins today. I love this team, this town, and most of all, these fans. The Lord has a plan for me. More to come..

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Jeez mods don't scare me like that, I noticed the other tweet thread was locked and I thought it was a bad thing!!! I was like nooooo, no more tweets!!!! :(



Come on Man, don't boil over, it seems your steamed.>?<

Burgundy Blog retweeted Tom Garrett

Fave this and read it over the holiday. Educational and pertinent. Really nice.

Burgundy Blog added,

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So here is a bit of what not: i live up in Patriots country, so for the most part all I have heard about (besides reading about our own team debacles) is Deflategate. Already fed up with the Pats and we aren't even at opening night! So the wife goes shopping. Tells me they had a huge NFL display with party stuff. She comes home with some Pats napkins, plates, etc....typical stuff. The she says: "I thought it was weird, they had an other team's stuff too." I said "Yeah for some reason people up here like Giants, no clue why especially since the two SB losses." She says "Nope this was the only other team they had stuff for:" and proceeds to hand me this:

I was pumped. Small victory but made me feel good!


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i obtusively plead my objectionification of this thread... but also lovingly, and henceforingwith, cannot deny its undeniable conclusionneseseses.... therefore, i will have meat... because a man has to eat.


Don't pontificate my persecution for you own benefactorism. 

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