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I was talking about the experts on the pre game show on FS1. They were obsessed with the idea that Venezuela "had chances" but seemed to forget that they also gave up too many. You're betting that your finishers are better then Argentina's. That's a bad bet.

Sorry, should have been clear.


Well, we're 1 and 2 in conversion per shot rate for the tournament.  If we get shots we'll score.  I'm not worried about finishing, I'm worried about getting the ball away from Argentina.

I was reacting to some posters who say JK does not pick the best players. Which may be true. But then point out that Tim Howard made the saves against Belgium-that's not credited to Bradley. That was Timmy. So even if JK picked the best, he wouldn't be credited with it anyway.


I've said Klinsmann doesn't always pick the best 11.


But part of that was like when we lost earlier this year in a CONCACAF qualifier with Altidore doing his usual laziness while white hot Jordon Morris was trying to get us qualified for the Olympics pretty much by himself.  He does stuff like that all the time.


I do like that he plays Bedoya... I seem to be his only fan here :lol:

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Onyewu was great until that injury. Was never the same afterwards. But imo he was still better than bocanegra, who was beyond overrated. I understood giving him the time to see if he'd come back to form though.

What I hated and still do is that Michael Bradley stepped in to the starters role and has never sat since. Even if he were to be spelled if just for a minute at some point during a game, it would be a huge improvement. We still have no idea how the national team would look without Bradley in a prominent role in the midfield. Every single other position has changed, even Howard has been changed out, except for Michael. What if the team had performed better with Edu, Fielhaber, Adu ( past examples), zuzi, or Bedoya and others in his position. Give away after giveaway, and poor free kick after free kick, and the possibility of another guy replacing him in a spell of poor play seems unfathomable.


Zusi and Beckerman are good examples of dudes who never got chances under Bradley.  There are no "tweeners" in the pipeline and weren't for Klinsmann when he got here.  Either the old guard or the young bucks.

U.S. Soccer Verified account @ussoccer 26m26 minutes ago

Here's what you need to know about tonight's #USMNT Starting XI: http://ussoc.cr/28LoO7R 


So.... we are playing like a bunch of pussies I guess



Yedlin Cameron Brooks Johnson

Zusi Bradley Beckerman

Zardes Wondo Dempsey




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I do like that he plays Bedoya... I seem to be his only fan here :lol:

If only he played him in the right position. Bedoya is not a winger. He has a poor cross, is scared to shoot, and has skill with the ball at his feet. He's being wasted over there. He should be in the middle, and zuzi should be on the wing.

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Is there any other reason than he has some pics with Klinsi with Osama Bin Laden and Carlos Escobar.


Nice to see a player with crap skill and NO pace to let Argentina relax on defense.  Horrible decision to even have him on the side, much less in the match.


Dumb, dumb, and dumber in that move.


Pablo Escobar???? lol

I hope people weren't actually expecting Pulisic or Nagbe to start and play defense.


I actually was hoping we would yes.


But I have two balls and 1 strike...

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"Michael Bradley, a little bit more of the running around and getting forward...."



I Knew it was 4-4-2.  But what the **** with Wondo in there?  He's honestly a bum.  I hope I eat my words.  I really hope I eat my words.  


They don't know that it's 4-4-2... that's their guess.


It'll probably be 4-4-2 without the ball and 4-3-3 when we have it.

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