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The Non-Winter Weather Thread

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1 hour ago, twa said:

Bout 5 ft deep in the street and now at the foundation, looks like it ain't stopping for awhile.

getting close to a record.:kickcan:


Any property damage from the wind, in particular?  Seeing that wind near the eye wall is unbelievable.  Constant EF2 tornado practically.


It's got Allison beat on winds by FAR, and the rain is right up there, and may surpass it.


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21 minutes ago, Elessar78 said:

Be shocked to see if Texas "leave us alone Feds Libertarians and "Conservatives"" refuse Federal help or funds for Hurricane recovery.

Can we keep politics in the political threads? Christ, the his is a WEATHER thread and we have to read this?

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4 hours ago, sportjunkie07 said:

Where are you at twa? I'm near ellington airport. Not really raining too hard but flood waters are rising. Ain't looking too good. 


beltway and 225 area.

no, not looking good since it is supposed to keep raining for days and the draining from the north


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