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8 hours ago, btfoom said:


I just want everyone to read the BOLD words above by the ever knowing @Long n Left.  That post is the best that I've read in many weeks and shows the current state of UMD basketball - very good.  He obviously knows basketball and has a very nice insight.


Please keep up with this type of posting.

Thanks for the kind words BT.


I'm no savant, but growing up in the DMV, B-ball was ALWAYS king. I loved the game from first bounce, and dreamed of playing major college ball. Unfortunately, I never got near my uncle's 6'8" (he played at Mich. St. In the early 60's), and showed a little more promise as a linebacker.


Have continued my love affair with basketball, and after college have coached and refereed at various levels up to high school. Age, and 13 years of football, has caught up with me, and my knees can't take the pounding any more, so I had to hang up my Ref's whistle two years ago. 


Wife and I are getting near early retirement age, and I desperately would like to coach again, hopefully when we move to the beach. Maybe basketball again (my daughter, 2014 NC HS State Champ is urging me. I coached her till she reached MS), but as you know, I also love soccer, and have been coaching my younger daughter in that this past 4 years. We've won 5 league championships, due more to her prowess than my insight, though.


5 years of Lefty's summer camps at UMD made me a fan for life, and I can never get enough Terp basketball.


BTW, anyone who likes basketball and is not watching the lady Terps, I urge you to get on that. Those girls can play, and Brenda Freese is a phenomenal coach.

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Terps v Ohio State tonight at 7 pm in Ohio. 


OSU favored by 1.5 ..... we keep beating Vegas and getting little credit for winning games on the road and being called overrated ... eventually we will lose a road game and im sure be bounced from the top 25 and everyone will think that 1 loss vindicates their overrated stance.


Just keep winning. Every B10 team thinks we are overrated and we will lose to them at their house - Iowa, Minny (their fans thought they would win by double digits).  

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This team just keeps coming up big. Cekovsky looked a little better tonight, Nickens is on fire, and they're not reliant on any one guy. Melo had a horrid first 35 minutes, but they still had a lead, then Melo shook off the funk and brought em home.


20 wins by the end of January

Undefeated on the road


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32 minutes ago, Burgold said:

I guess the next question is will guys like Pigrome (sp) be ready to step up and take the mantle.

Pigrome will get his shot but his future is more than likely at slot receiver.


The favorite for the job is Caleb Henderson. He's a former 4* UNC transfer.


Also don't sleep on 4* freshman Kasim Hill. Wouldn't shock me if he's starting fairly early in the season.


Tahj Capehart 3* WR  Bishop Sullivan Catholic HS (Virginia Beach VA)


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