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Garçon is so good


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Yes this is another Garçon post :). The attitude that he brings when he plays rubs off on everyone. His play today was HUGE lots of big catches and the big fumble recovery. Even with the refs taking away the one big play, and the (unjust) penalty one another play he was able to play a large role in the game. The offense has been pretty unbeatable with him in the game judging by our record with him playing.

*and i like the fangs :D*

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Bonafide #1 WR. One of several offseason Shanahan acquisitions that was criticized and questioned by many (especially in the press); completely vindicated.

Absolutely perfect in this offense. Quick and fast, strong and powerful, good hands, runs great routes, run blocks, gives 110%. A complete professional. And only 26 years old.

What more could you want?

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he didn't do ANYTHING to earn that penalty. bs call.
Yes he did. Spinning the ball is one thing. But he was mouthing off to the defender as he's pointing at the ball. He was mad because the guy bumped him as he was spinning the ball (showboating).

Like I said. Love the guy. I just hate stupid penalties. 7-1 with him playing definitely speaks for itself though.

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