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  1. I think a lot of guys who feel like they have a shot of going to the NFL will generally transfer. Russell Wilson transferred from NC State to Wisconsin in order to keep starting.
  2. I dont mind the pick at all. No problem with picking a guy who mightve been a first/second pick a year ago and has game breaking potential. The skins still have 6 more picks today. I say get BPA.
  3. I watched the press conference where Guice and Payne were introduced and the thing that got me the most excited was when Guice said Trent Williams was the first person that called him to express how excited he was to get to block for him. That’s all I need to know. Can’t wait to see Guice out there.
  4. Ok... who’s the one making these draft picks for the Redskins? We got Da’Ron Payne in the 1st used our extra 5th round pick and traded back in the 2nd to recoup our lost 3rd round pick AND still got Derrius Guice? I’m shocked but very pleased.
  5. I love the pick of Payne, I’ve been wanting this guy all along. We will need him and Allen because now, not only do we have to deal with Zeke and Ajayi but that freak of nature Saquon Barkley. I think some wanted the sexier pick in Derwin James, but Payne was the right choice IMO. It’s makes me happy to have this team make the right choice considering how this offseason has gone thus far.
  6. the Skins have been stuck in virtually the same spot for years now, regardless of who has been making the decisions. I’m at the point now where my expectations are low and I have no excitement heading into this upcoming season because I feel like I’ve now been fooled many times in the past. The common denominator is Dan Snyder regardless of who has been coach, GM or president. I’d love to eat crow at some point but I feel as long as Snyder is the owner, we aren’t going anywhere. So, even if we could realistically add some pieces here and there and compete with anyone, I have no faith in Snyder/Allen to make the right moves.
  7. dahibachi

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    I’m with you. I’m more deflated this offseason than any other year regarding the potential of this team. I know it’s early in free agency still, but the way the last couple of years have unfolded with how Bruce Allen has handled Cousins and McCloughan, I find Allen to be utterly incompetent executive. I have no faith that he knows what he’s doing and the only thing he seems to be good at is not overpaying players. I think at this point, even with the draft, 7 wins is optimistic. I’m actually kind of hoping for an implosion to force Snyder to fire Allen and hopefully bring in some real decision makers.
  8. I am by no means advocating for a return to the Vinny Cerrato days of throwing boatloads of cash at the first players that say yes and yes I know it’s just the first couple days but man... we are just sitting here watching our players walk left and right, playing chicken with our LBs and only signing of consequence is Paul Richardson. This is just headed towards us signing a bunch of one year deals once again once the feeding frenzy is over.
  9. haha... well we are 5-6 maybe we should pull a 2005 and go white on white for the rest of the season. and another similarity between this season and 2005 is that of the 5 wins and the 6 loses... we had 2 wins within the division. cowboys on the road and eagles at home and a lose to the giants on the road.
  10. i know rules have nothing to do with it... I'm speaking on the fact that since the Redskins have brought the gold pants back, they have not worn them when the opposition wears yellow/gold pants.
  11. because of the NFL uniform rules, there's a possibility of the return of white on white due to our throwback alternate. I'm betting that will be the color scheme against the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  12. I bring em back whenever i play madden!
  13. With the recent surge of ugly unis (Bengals, Lions and by GOD WTF were the Jags thinking) i will agree