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No Fletcher/Redskins on Pro Bowl Roster


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Per the official Pro Bowl roster via NFL.com


This has to be the biggest sham I've seen in such a long time. Fletcher not making the probowl this year is a bigger issue then Fletcher not making it for the majority of his career.

Total - absolute- jokish -popularity contest.

Brian Urlacher - 92 tackles, 3 Interceptions.

London Fletcher - 163 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 Interceptions, 3 Forced Fumbles

There's no reason whatsoever that Fletcher doesn't get the credit he officially deserves year in and year out. A partial fan vote, accompanied by the votes of his peers and the media would equate to him making it in. Do they feel he's got his dues the past 2 years? He plays at such an intense level it's ridiculous. He's the reason this defense operates. 5-10,1-15,0-16, it doesn't MATTER. He deserves the nod on this one, and it's a joke. Urlacher opting out or Willis getting injured doesn't make up for this mistake.

To add on to this there's also no Redskins in general on this list. I believe 28/32 teams made the cut, and we're 4 out of 32 that didn't.

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This is why fans shouldn't be allowed to vote or should have to take a damn football IQ test to be able to vote. Brian Urlacher wasn't spectacular at all this year neither was Lance Briggs. Most fans that vote don't know jack about the game. The Pro Bowl is such a joke and until they eliminate bull**** like this it will continue to be so. The NFL should be embarrassed that London isn't on this roster.

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I just knew he was getting in this time. Just unbelievable. What else does a man have to do. This guy is fringe HOF and he has never gotten his due. Just watch the guys and see who jumps out dominating making play after play. Man handling offensive lineman. Covering 20,30 yards downfield, laying people out over the middle. I remember when we went to a 3-4, so called journalist and experts digged his grave and said he couldn't make the transition. Yeah right.

Man is a freak of nature and an amazing leader. We are lucky to have him. the Pro Bowl is a joke. I just want him to get the notice and appreciation he deserves cause he is that good. HOF caliber imo.

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Nobody care about the Pro Bowl anyway. The players don't give 100% and just try not to get hurt. No defense is ever played. Can't get upset about this, the all-pro team is what counts.

Don't players have bonuses attached to probowls? I'd certainly say some care. That said I don't think it should exist. It's clearly a farce, and a pageant.

BTW we're the only team other then the Rams to not have a Probowl player this year... In the NFC anyways.

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