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  1. gnuv

    Gameday Thread

    What a play by Goff
  2. gnuv

    Gameday Thread

    Suck it, Dallas!
  3. That was a really impressive drive. Probably one of the best I've seen all year.
  4. gnuv

    Gameday Thread

    Man, I think McVay over thought that. At first I thought that was a bad idea bringing out the punt, but since he back pedaled into the ez, wouldn't he have to?
  5. gnuv

    Gameday Thread

    Oh what a finish after that catch by Hill
  6. gnuv

    Gameday Thread

    This 4th quarter is crazy
  7. gnuv

    Gameday Thread

    I'm glad they overturned the interception, just to make the loss that much more crushing for the eagles!
  8. If this makes it to stores, I certainly hope it makes it to Roanoke, I've got to have some to keep and some to drink!
  9. gnuv

    Gameday Thread: Redskins @ Patriots

    The audio is awful on 10 here in Roanoke, a weird reverb makes this painful.