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  1. Last year's Packers' throwbacks (with the blue jerseys) also featured the brown "leather" helmets. EDIT: Oh, SkinsTerps26, beating me to the punch while the site was slow to load...
  2. Nice. But I wish they would've gone for a more interesting helmet. I get that the all brown is supposed to be a tribute to the old leather helmets, but it doesn't really translate.
  3. Hmm... not sure where you're getting the pants and jersey, but it definitely looks like a good case for the yellow "R" helmet, which, I mean it's cool and all, but I would've rather seen the burgundy feather helmet that LL56 has been tweeting, since we've done the yellow "R" so much more recently:
  4. The alternate uniforms will be "previewed" at an event on May 10. So, three days.
  5. OH WOW. I... just... yeah.... I think Bruce and Co. have a little more taste than that....
  6. right on, man. our starting offense had a 10+ play, 7 minute scoring drive against the number 1, superbowl champion defense tonight. JC converted a clutch third down to cooley. there were some incompletions, some the fault of the receiver, some JC wasn't on the money, but all in all a pretty decent outing by the 1st teamers against arbuably the best defensive squad in football (other than our own!!!)
  7. dude, last two games was about evaluating players who AREN'T guaranteed a roster spot. we saw more of collins, brennan, and daniels in game 2 b/c the backup qb spot was supposed to be a competition this preseason. game 3 is when we typically put the real starters in for longer so that they can have some time before the regular season to develop chemistry over a longer period of time, since this is when the final roster will become more clear. skins are showing progress in all facets of the game. zorn isn't an ES member, so i seriously doubt he's panicking after 2 preseason games...
  8. Thirded. I'm a huge fan of the burgundy tops w/ gold pants. classic redskins.
  9. http://theredskinsblog.com/2008/07/28/back-to-the-equipment-room-brad-on-jersey-colors-etc/ Any word on alternative uniforms this year? Nope. None. The ones last year were special for the 75th anniversary, but we don’t have anything lined up this year. Not even a third color jersey? Nope. Burgundy and white. Along those lines, Gibbs seemed to prefer the white jersey with the burgundy pants. Some players have claimed to prefer the burgundy jerseys with white pants. Any idea how things will go this year? We’ll be wearing the white jerseys with the burgundy pants at home until, I th
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