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JLC Twitter: OL Chris Chester signs with Redskins


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what a self congratulatory ass...

Seriously. He's a ****ing prick anyway and no one likes him. And he constantly adds on by every time he reports something going day he lets it be known at the end that he told everyone it was going to happen. Congrats ********, you DID YOUR JOB. It's what you get paid to do. Some people go to war for a living and are the first to say they are just doing their job and don't want any special thank you's.

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I like it. Don't know much about him, but meets the age/need criteria.


PROS: Although Chester is often considered a backup, he has started at least 11 games the past three seasons. In 2008, he started 11 games at right guard after Marshal Yanda sustained a season-ending knee injury. In 2009, Chester started the first nine games while Yanda recovered and started four more games at tight end. Last season, he was pressed into the starting role at right guard after Jared Gaither was lost for the season. With Matt Birk entering his contract year, Chester might be ready to move into the center spot.

CONS: Chester is athletic and has quick feet but he struggles against explosive linemen. It is believed that the team still envisions Chester in more of a backup role because he isn't strong enough at the point of attack. He was drafted to be a center, but the Ravens signed Matt Birk in 2009 instead of giving the job to Chester. So, it's tough to measure the team's confidence in him.

OUTLOOK: Chester's status is up in the air. The Ravens should contact Chester in the first three days of free agency, but they likely will allow him to test the market. The team probably won't offer him more than a backup role (especially if Yanda moves back to guard). Chester might find a better opportunity elsewhere. If he doesn't, he could be lured back.

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