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  1. You losers still talking about social media? Every so often I come to this board and immediately realize its a waste of time. Most of you are lost. Sad stuff. See ya boomers.
  2. Before posting an arrogant winky face, do a quick google search. He's had off-field issues not denying that. But not successful. LOOOOL. Imagine if he was white... AND NOW we understand what were dealing with when people try to judge Haskins. Proving my point. Black pocket passers who use their arm and mind to be successful are difficult for you. These are Theismann's embarrassing stats...
  3. Heisman. Natty. Number 1 pick. Still starting in year 5 of his deal. What a failure. Theismann was significantly worse than Jameis. Like not even close. That guy wouldnt have made it past his rookie contract in today's NFL.
  4. I'll preface this by saying I do not care about your opinion, but nowhere in there at all did I compare the two or suggest anyone as a bar for anyone else. I simply suggested they have similarities in that they are african-american quarterbacks who do not run or use their athleticism, but instead rely on their head and arm to play QB. Read the conversation. Those are just simple facts anyone who's watched either of the two play can agree with. You just basically went off on your own irrelevant tangent.
  5. I looked up his stats. He wasn't even that great. He wouldn't have made it past his rookie deal in today's NFL. We've reached a point where white people are comfortable with black QBs now ... IFFFFF they fit a certain mold. When they succeed with their mind and their arm, like Jameis Winston or Dwayne Haskins, they don't know how to handle it. Daniel Jones is trash.
  6. Somebody needs to throat punch Joe Theismann. Sorry THEESMAN, not taking grammatical advice from anyone who changed the pronunciation of his last name to rhyme with Heisman. What should he have said... "The league hath made an error!" Give him 7 and pipe it down Joe.
  7. Gotta like the 4.5 speed of this kid, 4.4 speed of Sweat, and 4.6 speed of the edge rusher we took in round 7. Addressing the painful lack of team speed.
  8. Welp thats it for me. I try to come back to Extremeskins but these takes are so bad it isnt worth arguing. I just leave. Did you just hate on us drafting Derrius Guice and Montaz Sweat lol? So bad.
  9. I always think no matter what I wont be surprised by someones ignorance on the internet, but then nope, im surprised again. Lazy comparison by someone who knows nothing.
  10. You wrote off the film review of his hands being terrible to play guard as "clickbait". He should have got the same as DRC. 0 Guaranteed. I mean by definition you were hating on someone
  11. You dont need to point out anyone other than HaHa Clinton-Dix. Packers fans did not want him. Packers did not want him. Was graded by PFF as one of the top safeties in the league. Then he came to the Redskins and was awful here too. I like to use PFF grades but the Haha grade threw me off.
  12. You wrote all this garbage and did not once talk about his time in the league. Who cares about his pre-draft grades? He's been in the league. He sucks. Id argue more but you wrote that Mark Bullock says we overpaid on a backup swing tackle FOR CLICKS. Dumb. The only case I was making is Ereck Flowers sucks. You have said nothing to prove he doesnt. Congrats on continuing to stick up for the most garbage front office in pro sports. You really just came here to hate on a guy saying "we" in a die-hard team message board?
  13. Mark Bullock, who does nothing but show and watch film, says his hands are terrible and that won't translate well to guard. Everyone thinks we overpaid. Cool man. Hope you get a lot of views on your blog, or whatever. I don't care. The guy hasn't been worthy of a second rounder since entering the league has he? Terrible hands is supposedly not good for a move to guard. You really out here going to war for Ereck Flowers? How about we talk about the fact that we gave this dude a mill for no reason b
  14. No he wasnt. I was stoked when the Giants drafted him. He sucked at Miami. I watched it with my eyes.
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