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  1. thanks for the link to firstrowsports.eu great quality for a stream!
  2. http://www.justin.tv/streamsportslive121#/w/332974080
  3. here you go. best place to find sport streams http://www.kofss-stream.com/
  4. tcus unis are completely new, not just the helmet. nike designed them for the big game against utah as apart of their "pro combat uniforms" i thought they were a one time thing for that game...but i guess not.
  5. thanks. i got the other one to work again. password is mike1513. not mike1315
  6. i had to reboot now that password isnt working..someone get a new password for the justin tv stream..ask him in the chat! please!
  7. guys there is no magical link being PMed... the PM is someone is recording the game..and sharing it AFTER THE FACT to people who PM him.
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