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Rumor (most likely BS): Albert Haynesworth was at George Mason University on Saturday taking the LSAT (MET)


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I can't believe this hasn't leaked yet. I was taking the LSAT down in Fairfax last Saturday, and who walks into my test facility, but Albert Haynesworth.....

I know for a fact it was Albert Haynesworth. He was very standoffish, and nobody talked to him, but it was him.

I am a huge Redskins fan, and I hope he bombed that test. I can't imagine how he found time to study for it....

Maybe he did it during his suspension.

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Interesting....must want to represent himself in all of his legal battles :silly:

He's probably getting sick of paying a lawyer.

"What?? You mean I can't impregnate a stripper, punch a guy, or sexually harass waitresses, without paying for it? WTF? GTFO. AND I have to pay a lawyer? ****, these laws suck. I'm gonna become a lawyer and change 'em. And represent myself."

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They don't let you bring anything in the test facility..... No electronics....

I just can't believe it didn't leak yet.... The proctor told me at the end of the test it was him....

I know I'm just messing with ya. ;)

Maybe he's planning a new career? Man he would be a terrible lawyer.

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This guy seems legit.

There is absolutely no reason for AH to take the LSAT. The sole purpose of the test is for law school admissions. AH is probably not going to law school in the next several years. I actually doubt he's ever going to go to law school...

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