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  1. What happens if my seats are in the first 8 rows? Do I have the option of a refund, or does the team just unilaterally move me? My decision to renew was based on seat location.
  2. They moved me to section 101 two years ago after I informed them I wasn’t renewing. I barely break even on the games I sell. Hard to believe it’s come to this. F. Danny.
  3. Lifelong fan, but I would be okay if they moved out of the DMV and ceased being the Redskins. Liberating on so many fronts... F.Danny.
  4. Exactly why I unload all of my tickets by May. Unfortunate and sad.
  5. I got a call and text on Friday asking if I really wanted to give up my tickets.
  6. Had 9 seats, only renewed 4. Sucked in for another year...
  7. For reasons I’ve never really understood, the secondary market is strongest when the schedule is announced and then again during the draft. An astute season ticket holder could sell the entire year during that window and then pick-up similar or better seats at a steep discount closer to game day.
  8. I was able to pick up 4 in section 101 late in the upgrade season. Demand is at an all time low.
  9. Times have changed a bit... By Thomas Heath Washington Post Staff Writer Thursday, February 10, 2005; Page D05 Washington Redskins fans who wish to vault over the 75,000 names on the waiting list for season tickets to obtain prime seats at FedEx Field for the 2005 season can pay $7,500 to join the team's new Touchdown Club, the Redskins announced yesterday. The Touchdown Club is Redskins owner Daniel Snyder's latest effort to increase the club's revenue. It is modeled after similar programs operated by the Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Dolphins and inclu
  10. For the love of all that is good and holy, please please please also remove the “dream seats” - they ruin the entire 100 level.
  11. Dropping a pair in section 103. I’m done.
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