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I loved his Dawn of the Dead but I thought 300 sucked - couldnt make it through the first 15 minutes. Watchmen was great but this looks tiresome... I have high hopes for Superman: Man of Steel.

I agree. One of the cheesiest movies I have ever seen. The dialogue/narrator was retarded and the suppose to be macho/badass scenes seemed like they were written by band geeks.

Suckerpunch does look pretty nuts tho. But, I'll probably wait for Blu-ray.

Edit: Disagree on Watchmen. Movie was sooooooo wack.

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I don't understand how any of you could have possibly thought this movie was going to be good.

It looks stupid at every turn.

Well you hate on a lot of things, so your skepticism of this movie isn't a complete surprise.

I am a little disappointed in how supposedly bad this film turned out. I haven't seen it yet so I can't really say much, but from what I've heard, it's just too much action and not enough fleshing out of the characters. Which is a little odd, since Snyder did a decent enough job balancing out character development in a mindless action/horror movie in his Dawn of the Dead remake, and I thought he did well enough (all things considered) with Watchmen as well.

I still have pretty high hopes for Superman (especially after seeing the cast he's lining up), but considering that this was his first original film and it did so poorly, that's a let down.

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Oh man this movie sucked so hard. Probably the worst movie I've seen in a long long time. SP was completely formulaic and repetitive, lacked any type of real acting, the visuals weren't even that spectacular, and the characters had no emotional depth or even substance whatsoever. I rarely hate movies and I actually thought 300 was great.. but this one straight up sucked. Do not waste your money on this.

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If that poster is the first thing you saw about the film, you already know it will kick ass.

The poster is wrong, and when you see the film you'll know why.

It is released here tomorrow (Thurs 7th), but I watched a downloaded version first thing this morning. Abbie Cornish is becoming the new Aussie hotty of the big screen.

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