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  1. It's an old idea, but with a recycle twist. Before you go ahead with it, search for the numerous options on how to build a vertical garden. I did it as cheap as possible, just as a test, but now know where we have gone wrong, and what we did right. One thing we did learn by doing it the way we did it was to leave the pallets as we got them. We removed every second plank as the gaps looked too small, but in hindsight, we should have left it as it was. The bags are held in just by the weight of the potting mix. You can use ag-mesh to cover the pallet, but you'll also need a way to seal thr
  2. I don't know if Americans include gardens as DYI, but here's something I put together recently. I put this together just before our winter set in, and let it settle. I just kept the water up to it. Now that spring has arrived, things are looking good! The pallets and chaff bags cost me nothing. The potting mix was A$6.95 per bag (x12) and we spent A$150 for the plants. We just now have to start filling in the gaps and we have a few places were we can get cuttings. Not everything will do; mostly plants that cascade. Me, with the finished product, before we hibernated for winter
  3. Not when most dealerships charge in excess of $40/hour! What was the breakdown of that charge? Part? Labour? ---------- Post added September-23rd-2011 at 02:08 PM ---------- Not in this day and age. What type of vehicle do you have again?
  4. How do you think the alternator recharges the battery if there isn't a connection between the two?
  5. I want photos! Mick, have you considered plastic bags secured with cable ties? I've ALWAYS found plastic bags to be waterproof, and when the job is done, a quick snip of the cable tie and all is safe.
  6. Hang on, how can a faulty fuel sender unit cause the bowser handle to click off? In fact, how can anything INSIDE the fuel tank cause the bowser handle to click off? Just curious.
  7. mistertim, next time you fill up, once you have the filler in the hole, change the angle that you hold it. Fuel nozzles have a sensor that once they get excessive splash-back, they will click off. I used to work at a servo, and was having to deal with this problem on a regular (daily) problem. We referred to it as a UIF - User Interface Fault. Just move the filler to a different angle, and this should rectify the problem.
  8. Here's something that ALL vehicles owners might be interested in. Lemonaidcars.com - secret warranties watch
  9. Of course, nothing EVER goes wrong with a leased vehicle.
  10. The new style bumpers have clips (moulded into the bumper) that slot into lugs (on the vehicle) and if you break a clip, you basically have to junk the bumper, unless you are prepared to 'red-neck' fix it by screwing the bumper on, and thus screwing into the body. Also, it's not a good look. What may look like a $100 fix can quite conceivably end up being a $550 replacement. Whether he was parked illegally or not, you backed into him, so you have to fix it.
  11. Find a mechanic who uses his name as the business name - like Bill Smith Automotive, Ray Jones Mechanical Repairs, etc, (but preferably not Billy Bob's Truck Fixer Upperer) as not only do they have their business to consider, their own name is on the line.
  12. It's a bit difficult when we don't get all the facts, AND we don't have the vehicle in front of us to be able to carry out a full diagnostic check. Those of us trying to help are only doing so by way of the info you give us. 'Hyuk, I gots me a truck that won't start. What's wrong?' Where do we start? The more info we get, the better advise we can give. It also helps if it is your own vehicle, not someone else's who mentions the fault to you, then you post it here. Friend to you - 'I clipped a kurb last night and it flattened a tire and bent the rim. When I got going again, I noticed a
  13. If your car has an automatic transmission, it might be worth getting it serviced.
  14. Neither. As already mentioned, it's more than likely the switch near the brake pedal, which would make it a mechanical fault. Hit the plunger with a shot of WD40, or the like, and see if that frees it up. If not, see if there is any sort of adjustment - elongated holes in the mounting bracket, maybe? - that will move the switch closer (or further away, depending on how it's mounted) to the pedal arm.
  15. Funnily enough, my car also develops a whine at a certain speed, but only when the missus is in the passenger seat.
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