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Must see Obama vid.

Uno Mas

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I have to prove myself to my employers, why doesnt obama? Sure he put something up on a website, but why not just appease this lawsuit and have it done with. By refusing to do so its only going to fuel suspicion.

Because he already did prove it.


Sure -You have to prove it to your employer. Do you have to prove it to every single person that works at your company?

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bad analogy. (Allegedly) we don't work for the government, it (allegedly) works for us.

Yes - And again - in a large company -Did you have to show all your bosses your proof of Citizenship? Or just HR?

My Point is Obama already proved his citizenship. Just because some Yo-Yo now demands that he proves it AGAIN to HIM doesn't mean Obama should. How many times? Obama proved it, posted it on the web for all to see, and this guy can go to the Obama campaign in Chicago and ask to see it, just like fact check did.

The Lawsuit is a away for the guy to try to build a name and if Obama responses, the guy will keep going.

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BTW, why doesn't McCain have to prove his citizenship? :rolleyes: Wasn't he born at the Coco Solo Naval air station in Panama? I have heard in 1936 births at military installations weren't considered "U.S soil".

Anyway all of this is bull****...if this was true it would have been found to be true the minute Obama wanted to run for President.

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It's amazing to think that there are people out there so gullible as to think that a man could get within 3 weeks of a presidential election and no one bothered to check and see if he actually meets the criteria laid down by the Constitution to be considered for election.

The second a person becomes a viable candidate their background is checked thoroughly by the FBI. No enemy agents, no foreign born, no criminals, etc. etc.

By the way, on a different note, I happen to own a nice bridge in New York if anyone is interested. I'd let it go at a bargain.


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man i made it 1:45 seconds of that... is this one of those will power games??? see who can last the longest???

I didn't make it that far! I got to the "infanticide" part when they laid the 2 month old baby on the table...that was enough for me to know what the rest of that video would show.

BTW, Faux News isn't covering this because they are part of the Librawl media.:silly:

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Bang hit it on the head. People really think he made it this far and he's not a natural born citizen? I guess people can be convinced of anything if you make a video of it.

Well it's either that or it doesn't take much at all to fool the truly blind minions.

it's one, or the other.

Beside's, there's what kinda looks like an offical Birth Certificate on Fight the Smears.

so case closed..;)

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