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  1. AzSkinsFan63

    The Conspiracy Thread

    Skins sucked first and foremost the headline for the game is "Barry's defense keeps Manning in a whole meaningless game"..LOL The flag during the commercial break was the start....we had the ball at the 48 yard line..geesh...complete crap! The blatant face mask on Norman that wasn't called was sooooo bad...pathetic. (I woke up my grandson's nap yelling at the TV.....the wife wasn't too happy about that one..LOL). But the ding ding ding winner was when they threw the flag for delay of game against the Giants and then the refs decide that the coach called time out..and when the camera pans to coach macadoodoo he's laughing to one of his players" I didn't even call a timeout"..and FOX knew it and didn't say a word. "Hey guys can we find any coach calling time out"..nope...HA..HA..HA....LOL The NFL is a JOKE and has been for about 17 years now.
  2. AzSkinsFan63

    The Conspiracy Thread

    Before the schedule release... After the schedule release.. The first article prophesied said event and basically tells the fans to shut up! And of course it's from the WP when it should have come from the Dallas news. 5 games played against rested teams..WOW....I'm not sure you could even accidently pit a team against 5 opponets with rest in one season...LOL
  3. Nothing beats that new car smell

  4. can't wait for another offseason of letting go players that play better somewhere else..Signing expensive FA's that don' t play good until after we realease them..and gettting maybe 1 good guy in the draft...LOL

  5. That game was Norvish

  6. The Buc stops here!

  7. We don't blitz the rookie???

    1. Riggo'sRangers


      Because it's Haz. He is a horrible coach and I can't believe he's still here.

    2. skins214428hail
    3. SWFLSkins


      The alien who took his body left on Tuesday?

  8. Hindsight is 20-20 of course..But Skins went to wrong backup QB

  9. Cardinals game I'm there Live!

  10. Damn Cheathawks refs couldn't call every penalty..geez!

  11. Oh no another prime time game......

    1. Painkiller


      yup...exciting isn't it?

  12. Red Zone Defense????????????????????????????

    1. skinsmarydu


      where? I must've missed it somehow, LOL

  13. Our special teams are a special kind of special...