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  1. Tonight is my first MMA event, I'm going to watch UFC 100 at a friends house.
  2. Draft, than bottle, can only if that is what's available I like foreign and domestic My favorite beers are: Yuengling Smithwicks Blue Moon Dogfish Head Sam Adams My personal homebrew
  3. I think I'm gonna have to take you out back and teach you a lesson in manners...Mac-style
  4. From the "Lunatics at McCain's Rally" thread
  5. I'm really failing to see how that is taken out of context...
  6. I was at the Guerrero fight. Absolutely amazing experience.
  7. Courtesy of Burgold in the "Gibbsian Primary thread"
  8. I'll kick em for you....now where did I leave those steel-tipped boots
  9. I don't know if the team will be, but I'll be wearing my 75th anniversary Campbell for the Dallas game
  10. CNN.com is reporting that Benoit strangled his wife and son before hanging himself in his weight room.
  11. I can't wait to buy one of those throwbacks, hopefully they'll make them as a premiere jersey and have one for Marcus Washington
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