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I agree that out of all the Assault Rifles you can put the ACOG on the M4 is the best.

However, I never deliberately put an ACOG on any guns besides sniper rifles.

Honestly don't like the ACOG on the M16, the great accuracy it has takes a slight downgrade that might cost you a few kills. Combine that with the narrow vision and it's just about ridiculous to use. Much rather have a red dot on it or a sniper rifle.

Hate when I pick up a light machine gun with a scope on it. You might as well use your sidearm.

Same with the sub machine guns, I mean what the hell, the gun is made for close to medium range. Putting a scope on it only lets you see how badly your bullets miss their target at a long distance.

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i have been playing this game like crazy the past few weeks

I'll be playing some COD4 over the weekend, getting together with a friend for a few games. Last time I played was October, and it was still fairly active of a community. Although you pretty much either run in to noobs or crazy ass clans. Can't wait! Domination in COD4 is just incredible.

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Speaking of older COD games, I was going through my collection of games yesterday to pick some to trade in at Gamestop (they have a deal going on!), and I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of COD: World At War. Because I love the very last level so much, the Nazi Zombie level. Sometimes my brother and I will pop that in and just play it all night, getting back into the game and trying to beat our highest level. Man, is it intense and creepy.

I know I could just play a newer game to sate my zombie-killing appetite, but I just love the survival set-up of this level, and the games worth nothing anyways. I also like using the old weapons and such.

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Can't do that myself. Have every last one of them,(Except Modern Warfare 1. Brother has it),and still play them every now and then. COD4 is easily an all time favorite,(Playing video games as long as I have,that's saying something..well for me anyway). Finally took the time to play it this past weekend. Warmed up to it quickly and next thing I know,I'm in to the Modern Warfare Marathon. If it wasn't for work..... ;)

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