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How Packers Fans View the Skins


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I hope we run through and pass all over the Redskins.

Poor Guy. He's in for a disapointment LOL.

First of all, I could look like a Hall of Fame QB against Detroit. Second of all, I am going to this game. GO PACK GO!!! This is my first Packer game ever at Lambeau Field.

Same as above...

The Packers are gonna come out and cheese em up.


Al should do really well against Moss, he's more finesse than power, and Al loves jamming those finesse boys at the l.o.s.

Not sure about Randle El, I do know tho that we can ill afford to have Chuck falling down in coverage this week icon_rolleyes.gif

I think that we just need to open up with our passing game to nudge their running game out of the equation. Then it's all about ball control, ball control, ball control.

Packers 34 Skins 17


Campbell can be very good or mediocre. We need to get in the guys face all game long and not let him get into a rythm or he will make plays against us.

that said,i think we will walk all over the Hogs. They arent in our league.

Favre gets 300 yards and 3 td's

we get well over 100 rushing yards.

JJ bounces back for 100+ yards and a TD


4 sacks

2 picks

Packers 34

Redskins 20

5 - 1


I'm not too worried about Jason Campbell. I think he's a decent QB, but I think our corners and DL will give him hell.


In conclusion...


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I don't get how they can look at our D and assume Favre and the Packers will get 30+ points. Anything can happen, but the more logical assumption here is a close game, probably not going past the low 20's. That being said, my prediction this week is Redskins 24 Packers 13

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Some of these cats are delusional. Some seem very astute. They basically run a pass-first type offense. Where have the Skins seen that before? Oh, thats right. This past Sunday at the ***raping of the Lions.

If I were GB, I would try and focus on getting some type of running game going, because if they try to do what Detroit did......well, let's just say the worst pairing of two words in the english language.....rectal.........and tear.

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since nobody seems to recognize this in either forum, i'll say it right now. this game is won on special teams this week. field position is like real estate...LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!

everyone should be ready for a 24-21 type game and who ever has the better field position comes away the winner in the 4th or possibly 5th. i've already bought my pepto bismal

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Packer fans are some of the most knowledgeable and friendly (no attitude toward other fans wearing colors ) in the league.

To be honest, that was a very refreshing read. By a large majority, the posters seem to be able to feel good about their team and its' chances without trashing the other team or its fans, without being obscene, without ridiculous generalizations, without testosterone overload, etc. It can be done. :)

I forget sometimes.

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Some do seem knowledgable.

The rest that were predicting an easy 'W' for the Packers, reading their comments, it is obvious they haven't seen Washington play this year b/c they didn't seem to understand the Redskins' "cover 3" defense.

They think all the Packers have to do is throw the ball down the field, and they'll win.

That kind of strategy plays right into the hands of the "cover 3". :)

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