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  1. No. 70th Anny was '02 (Spurrier Year 1). They first broke out the white on whites in the '03 (Spurrier year 2) opener and wore them until we lost to the Giants in week 3. Then they broke them out again in '05 and it coincided with the 6 game win streak. Then they wore them to start the year last year but dropped it in midseason. On the tickets last year all of the players were in white on whites. For the record, I like the white on whites. Burgundy on burgundy however would be hideous, see: Seminoles, Florida State.
  2. I would think it's a new helmet. Anyone know if they get new helmets every game or do they just polish and retouch? They sure do look brand new every time they come out of the tunnel. Seems like a waste, but it's definitely within the budget.
  3. They wore the regular burgundy a few times at home in '01 and maybe '02-'03, but never since. From what I hear, DS likes the burgundy so he started having us wear it more but Gibbs prefers the white.
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