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  1. They need to go back to the mid to late 60's style uni's with the feather up the back of the helmet and the dark burgundy and gray face masks. Put the Indian Head logo on the hips of the pants and the spear on the shoulders. Alternate white, gold, and burgundy pants. We wore those uniforms for only a short time, but I thought they were simply and pretty cool looking. Throwback style like when the Vagiants went to the uniforms they were today.
  2. Burgundy tops.....white pants....Once, just once, can I see what burgundy on burgundy would look like?
  3. Dammit! Why couldn't they go with the helmet with the single feather up the middle? THAT is a good looking uni. Those yellow helmets designed to look like Green Bay just don't fly with me.
  4. Thats tight. I've been lobbying for that look for years. What do you know that we don't?
  5. It should be the single feather helmet up the back. With the same throwback uniform style of that era. The gold helmet with the R on it is ridiculous. That color makes we want to go through McDonalds drive thru. Lombardi instituted it because he wanted to look more like the Packers. Thats inexcuseable. If you want to pay hommage to our uniforms over the years, you could put the spear on the sleeve, and the indian head logo on the on the side of the pants, up top near the waist. Oh, and black cleats. Gotta have black cleats. Its been said but, can we please start wearing our colo
  6. Thats the uniform I want to see them wear......I'm a huge fan of the color burgundy that they wore back then and that helmet is straight up unique.
  7. Solid Idea......the REAL burgundy tops. Someone needs to show the equipment manager a friggin color wheel.
  8. Hey turd wrasslers, I was just asking for any new insights. You guys have sandy vaginas, and thats whats making you the smarmy douches that you've turned into. Theres guys on here who have access to information that I do not. If you don't like the friggin thread, then gas up and beat it. If you've don't have anything pertenant to offer then stow it.:mad:
  9. I think popular opinion would be the spear logos, but wouldn't it be sweet if they went back to the logos with the single feather up the back/middle of the helmet? Now that would sell some paraphanalia! And by that I meant Skins paraphanalia, from some of the posts on here, I have deduced that their are several members of this illustrious group partaking in the hippie lettuce.
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