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  1. nace14

    Fun With Eli's Drunk Pic

    why is there a box of tissues in the car. hahahahahhahaha. too funny
  2. oh snap! you just got owned. now, on a completely related subject....with all the discussion about the uniforms, i think some thought has to go into what the players feel comfortable with. i mean as fans we can all have our favorite uniforms and some of the older guys will want the burg colors and some of the younger guys will want the whites, but some of these players like to feel comfortable in what they are wearing too. i know it's not about the uniform, but it sort of is about comfort. i mean portis and taylor were willing to take fines just to be comfortable in their uniforms.
  3. finally clinton and st won't get fined for wearing cool socks!
  4. definitely my favorite uniform. i've been wishing this since the first "alternative uniform" thread i read on es. wooo hooo.
  5. you have no idea how big of a can of worms you just opened. i foresee 8 posts telling you to use the search function, 5 fights over if we should use the all whites, and 9 fights about the anniversary jerseys. personally, i like what we have and see no reason for a change.
  6. how about burg shirts, white numbers with yellow borders, yellow hats of yesteryear, gold pants? i mean, since we are coming up with 46 pages of color schemes, might as well shoot this one out there.
  7. how bout plad pants, high argile socks, a funny floppy hat, a sweater vest, and a polo shirt?
  8. how bout yellow tops, burg hats, and white pants? it might look like poo but at least we'd be dressed like we play.