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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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The burgundy jersey's are ugly. It has been white jersey's and it should always continue to be white jersey's except at Dallas. It is the same thing with Dallas....their home jersey's are white. One thing I do want to see is BRING BACK THE GOLD PANTS!!!!!!

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I vote for the old school Gold pants white Jersey Burgundy trim like we wore in the Giants home game this year.
eww, the 70th aniversary uniform is KICKASS. we should get rid of the aniversary patch and make it out home uni and design a road one to go with it. time for a new jersey, get rid of the 80's design we use. it looks good and would satisfy all of the PC people wo want to get rid of the indian on our helmet. kill two birds with one stone.

but it won't happen

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We wear white because Coach Joe always preferred white. He thought the team looked sharper and looked faster in white....so we played in white jerseys at home and away unless the away team felt like messin' with Joe's mind.....often the cowgirls.

I can't believe none of the old timers on here posted this already.

Burgundy could make a comeback now that Joe is returning to NASCAR.

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White jerseys do look sharp. Way better than all the teams trying to be black, or nearly black. (Why do so many teams try that, do they think they look scary?) The burgundy jerseys are ugly. I guess we need to have them in the inventory, but the white ones look much better. I generally don't buy any Redskins gear with burgundy as the primary color.

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