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  1. Burgundy&Gold4Ever

    Sean Taylor Tribute Thread

    Here's another great interview about Sean. It's Chris Cooley and Kevin Sheehan's comments on ESPN 980. http://cdn.stationcaster.com/stations/wtem/media/mp3/11_27_17_Cooley___Kevin_remember_Sean_Taylor-1511794421.mp3
  2. Burgundy&Gold4Ever

    Sean Taylor Tribute Thread

    dissident2, your video helped get me through dealing with Sean's death. It still hits me hard, especially every November 27 and April 1 as well as random times -- and I always pull up your video. I love that you used uplifting music rather than something morbid and haunting. It is a great celebration of Sean's unbelievable football career, which of course was much too short.
  3. Burgundy&Gold4Ever

    Sean Taylor Tribute Thread

    The 10-year anniversary of Sean's death brings me back to this board. I doubt anyone remembers me because I haven't posted in years. Anyway, my heart is heavy today as I remember Sean. He was taken from us so senselessly and much too soon. The biggest loss is that a daughter lost her father, a fiancee lost the man with whom she intended to spend the rest of her life, parents lost a child, friends lost someone special to them. Losing one of the greatest safeties of all time was, and continues to be, a huge blow to Redskins Nation. Besides loving how Sean helped the Redskins excel, I also loved watching Sean's passion and ferocity on the field. The nickname MEAST was well earned (that's half man, half beast). To me, Sean's legacy is more than unbelievable football highlights and continuing to inspire another generation of football players. For all of us, he is an example that we should always give our best, do things with all of your heart, and follow your passions. #RIP21 #GoneTooSoon #NeverForgotten #SeanTaylor #ST #MEAST #GOAT
  4. Burgundy&Gold4Ever

    **** the Cowboys

    My brother, a Cowboy fan, called to say that he might need elbow surgery. My 8 year old responded, "That's what you get for rooting for the Cowboys. Start cheering for the Redskins, and you'll be okay." That's my confirmation that I'm bringing my child up right!
  5. The announcers said at the start of the game that the Redskins were wearing all white to help reduce the heat a little bit, and then they mentioned how it didn't make sense for the Saints to be wearing black jerseys. I don't love the white-on-white look, but if it's that hot again, I'm all for anything to help keep them cooler.
  6. Those yellow cleats are making me nuts! I kept thinking I saw a flag. :doh:
  7. I'm with you. I like the burgundy jerseys better. Those are the only ones I buy (not that I buy that many jerseys). While we're discussing colors, people in the stands should be wearing burgundy, too! It stands out really well as a nice show of support for the team.