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  1. My brother, a Cowboy fan, called to say that he might need elbow surgery. My 8 year old responded, "That's what you get for rooting for the Cowboys. Start cheering for the Redskins, and you'll be okay." That's my confirmation that I'm bringing my child up right!
  2. The announcers said at the start of the game that the Redskins were wearing all white to help reduce the heat a little bit, and then they mentioned how it didn't make sense for the Saints to be wearing black jerseys. I don't love the white-on-white look, but if it's that hot again, I'm all for anything to help keep them cooler.
  3. I'm with you. I like the burgundy jerseys better. Those are the only ones I buy (not that I buy that many jerseys). While we're discussing colors, people in the stands should be wearing burgundy, too! It stands out really well as a nice show of support for the team.
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