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  1. Actually, that's just to show how much we love boobies! (I kid, sort of...but your point has some truth to it.)
  2. As a Phils fan, I cannot stand the Nationals, but you guys had a great ride last year, and an unreal October...congrats! Enjoy it! (Now we can get back to hating each other whenever they play again)
  3. I respectfully disagree. You could go without a name and/or logo for a season or so, it wouldn't be the end of the world. Heck, we might not even HAVE a season this year (which would be hugely beneficial in regards to giving them time to come up with something "really nice" (as Cousin Eddie would say). So why rush? The "angry mob" doesn't always need to get their way, right away, every time. The worst thing that could happen would be that they rush to pick a name, and then rush to come up with a logo that looks like they created it in 5th period graphics design class.
  4. RedWolves (or Red Wolves) is awful. It sounds like, “Hey, what animal can we put after ‘Red’ that sounds cool?”... My concern is that they feel pressured to rush out a new logo/uniform set, and it will look just that: rushed. If you’re going to change, say, yes, we’re going to change, but we’re taking the time to create a logo that will be another classic (this is all painful to write, as I love the name and current logo)...
  5. Good stuff, guys! I'll try and take a few pics when I get home tonight...
  6. I wear it, but not too often (I'm more of a seasonal guy), but this whole nonsense has me wanting to wear it all the time. Heck, I put one of those "permanent" logo badges on my car just yesterday. Hopefully it triggers someone. Sadly, stuff is disappearing from websites. Sure, we know about Nike, Target, Walmart and Amazon, but selections are quickly dropping on fanatics and '47, for example. Bums me out, too, I should have jumped on this certain had on '4, but I procrastinated, and now it's gone. I don't have any tattoos, but now I want one. The Redskins logo, of
  7. Has anyone thought about the hard-hitting questions, such as, is Ron a fan of the yellow pants?
  8. I agree, not being relevant is the worst. I live in central PA, amongst too many Eagles fans, and it's brutal.
  9. ??? They've scored over 20 in both games so far this season already. They'll be facing a formidable defense for sure, but the Bears offense isn't Philly or Dallas. We've got a shot.
  10. I love this team. LOVE them. From my childhood days of getting autographs outside the gate at Dickinson College's football field, to working at training camp for a summer in the mid 80's and interacting with the players, to watching them bookend my college career with Super Bowl championships, to thinking that maybe, just maybe, RGIII might be the answer (lol at me)...i can't give up on them, it's not in my nature. I struggle to even grumble about them, because I am an eternal optimist who always thinks the best might happen. I know Snyder wants to win. He grew up a fan, for cr
  11. The Rams wore all yellow (gold?) last night, and it didn't look horrible....why can't we try that for a color rush choice? gold uniforms with burgundy trim? That might look pretty good...
  12. Those all-black Eagles uniforms are a terrible look. So glad we don't have black as an accent color, where we could make the same mistake...
  13. I'm 46 years old, and I LOVED the white jerseys/burgundy pants look at home throughout the 80's, 90's, and early 2000's...but I'll be honest, I think the current burgundy jerseys/yellow pants is fantastic. I hope they don't ever go away from that.
  14. TD, I might be with you...as much as I LOVE our current look (i'm in the camp that the gold pants are sharp), I think letting Nike do a complete reboot might look pretty darn good. The Seahawks uniforms have grown on me (I'll admit that I'm a fan of the lightning yellow/green), and maybe a current take on a classic logo & color scheme would help turn the page into a new era... But if not? Stick with the gold pants. They look great, IMO.
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