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  1. SkinsFanPA

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    I agree, not being relevant is the worst. I live in central PA, amongst too many Eagles fans, and it's brutal.
  2. SkinsFanPA

    Redskins vs Bears Prediction Thread: Monday Night Meltdown?

    ??? They've scored over 20 in both games so far this season already. They'll be facing a formidable defense for sure, but the Bears offense isn't Philly or Dallas. We've got a shot.
  3. SkinsFanPA

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    I love this team. LOVE them. From my childhood days of getting autographs outside the gate at Dickinson College's football field, to working at training camp for a summer in the mid 80's and interacting with the players, to watching them bookend my college career with Super Bowl championships, to thinking that maybe, just maybe, RGIII might be the answer (lol at me)...i can't give up on them, it's not in my nature. I struggle to even grumble about them, because I am an eternal optimist who always thinks the best might happen. I know Snyder wants to win. He grew up a fan, for crying out loud. But he doesn't realize that to win, he truly needs to get out of the way and let people who know what they are doing do their jobs. Just have your checkbook ready when necessary. And I know he wants a new stadium, but it isn't easy. He'd love to have a crown jewel back in the District, that is the envy of everyone...but we aren't there yet. I wish he would sell, but since that seems unlikely, I hope one day he wakes up and just gets out of the way. Until then, I will keep watching, keep following, keep hoping. I love the team, the fans, the uniforms (not many teams look better than we do: on a sunny day, on a gorgeous field, wearing that burgundy & gold), all of it. I'm 50 years old now, and I no longer live & die with each win (funny how the birth of your children changes that), but if I can get one more Lombardi Trophy before I die -- just one -- I'll be a happy man. HAIL
  4. SkinsFanPA

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    Steve Czaban, is that you?
  5. A healthy mix of homer and cautiously optimistic. I've been a fan since the days of getting autographs as a kid at training camp in Carlisle, PA since the early 80's. Then, working at their training camp when I was in high school, and getting to interact with some of the players at that time, I was hooked. That 1991 season, while oh so long ago, was quite special. And I believe in my heart that someday, we'll do that again. I don't complain much, because where is the fun in that? Where is the fun in thinking that we can't come back and win this game? And I have no idea what goes on behind the scenes -- none of us do, we can only speculate or read other's speculations -- so I don't worry about it. I'm almost 50. I just need one more Lombardi Trophy in DC (and one more college football national championship in Happy Valley), and I will be a happy, happy man that can ride off into the sunset...
  6. SkinsFanPA

    Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: Kenny Loggins Special

    2-14 in our last 16 on MNF. On the road. With a back-up QB. Why not. Redskins 21 Eagles 17
  7. The Rams wore all yellow (gold?) last night, and it didn't look horrible....why can't we try that for a color rush choice? gold uniforms with burgundy trim? That might look pretty good...
  8. Those all-black Eagles uniforms are a terrible look. So glad we don't have black as an accent color, where we could make the same mistake...
  9. SkinsFanPA

    Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    I don't care if every single pass play ends up being a check-down if they're winning football games.
  10. SkinsFanPA

    Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    What are you talking about? He's averaged 6 INT's a year for the last 7 seasons...Kirk has averaged 12 over his three years as the full-time starter...
  11. I'm 46 years old, and I LOVED the white jerseys/burgundy pants look at home throughout the 80's, 90's, and early 2000's...but I'll be honest, I think the current burgundy jerseys/yellow pants is fantastic. I hope they don't ever go away from that.
  12. TD, I might be with much as I LOVE our current look (i'm in the camp that the gold pants are sharp), I think letting Nike do a complete reboot might look pretty darn good. The Seahawks uniforms have grown on me (I'll admit that I'm a fan of the lightning yellow/green), and maybe a current take on a classic logo & color scheme would help turn the page into a new era... But if not? Stick with the gold pants. They look great, IMO.