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  1. SonnyandSam

    Deadspin: Why Your Team Sucks- Washington Redskins

    The correct title should be DEADspin: Why your company and your writers suck!
  2. SonnyandSam

    Season Ticket Renewals

    IF you are in the 200 level (and you are if you are under cover), let those suckers in front of you stand all game long. They are too low to block your view. Enjoy the game sitting down and jump up to cheer at the appropriate times. But use the seat you paid for. Don't be bullied by the youngsters who insist you are only a "good" fan if you stand all game long. Most of them are passed out drunk in their seat anyway by the 3rd period while I'm yelling strong from my seat until the end of the game. The 200 level seats are the best seats in the house!
  3. SonnyandSam

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Somewhere on this board someone posted there was a rumor that the Redskins were removing the obstructed view seats or not selling them. Well, neither is true. I was at the Jets game tonight and all the obstructed view seats were there and some people were sitting in them. I assume they had tickets because there were tens of thousands of better seats they could have squatted in. STHs will get about $1 to $1.50 off of food but I saw no discounts for drinks of any kind. The discounted prices are posted on the boards next to the regular food price. Scan your ticket to get a discount....which makes no sense. IF I as a STH sell my ticket to someone, they get a discount. Might not work on the sold electronic tickets maybe. But paper tickets should work for anyone. The new end zone bar is pretty cool and should attract upper deck folks to watch from the end zone. The band is up in the corner of the club level; could hardly see them wearing burgundy sitting on burgundy seats in front of a burgundy wall. Not very well thought out. Same old Redskins...march up and down the field between the 20 yard lines and can't score in the red zone. Disappointing. The front 7 on defense did look outstanding. Our running game pretty much sucks without Guice. Maybe if Perine played longer he may have shown more after his 30 yard plus run. I'm done with Kelly. I hope Gruden is over his man crush on the guy. 7 carries for 17 yards....yeah...that will be an impressive running attack.....again.
  4. Big deal. What's your issue? The Redskins probably make more money selling on Stub Hub. TicketMaster takes a huge cut of all the tickets they sell for all events. Why should they sell parking passes on TicketMaster? All the screwball things the Redskins do to its fans and THIS is your gripe? OK.
  5. SonnyandSam

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Yeah, I don't get this whole...."I'll never go to a game in Virginia!" Hey all you Maryland fans....people from Virginia have been traveling to your state since FedEx opened. It's not like you are traveling over seas. Hell, I travel from Pennsylvania to FedEx. People travel from all over the East Coast to go to MD. To me, VA or MD is about equidistant for me; just a different route. Dumbest argument ever. I agree with tshile though, PSLs will pretty much kill any chance I continue as a STH. I'm not paying thousands of dollars for the privilege to spend $3-4,000 more each year to buy two season tickets. I only have so much disposable income for my vice. I'm not mortgaging my house for the Redskins. As others have, I'll resort to buying a few games on Stub Hub.
  6. SonnyandSam

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Lots of teams in all the sports leagues have this same problem. Some have tried a number of things to limit visiting teams fans but no team has really found a good solution; mostly just for playoff games. It's a free market and they cannot control the resale of season tickets. For that matter, they can't control who gets season tickets. I know cowgirl and pigeon fans who live in the DMV and go to Redskins games because they love NFL football. The bonus is when their team shows up. You can't go by address because lots of Maryland fans are Ravens fans and I live in pigeon country (Central PA). Exactly what do you want the Redskins to do to prevent visiting team fans from attending games? Season tickets cost a boatload of money. I don't blame a STH for reselling their tickets to some games so they lower their total STH cost. The other problem is a lot of companies buy season tickets and give them to employees and customers as rewards. Can't stop them from giving them to certain NFL fans. And the DMV is a huge mixing pot of people from all across the country because DC is the seat of our country's government. We have fans from all over the country here unlike Green bay Wisconsin, for example. Everyone thinks this is a Redskins problem and it is not. The internet allows visiting team fans to purchase tickets to any stadium for any sport in the country. If you see any stadium shots from large cities on Sunday, you see LOTS of visiting team fans in most any market. Heck, tens of thousands of Redskins fans show up in Dallas, San Diego, Arizona, New York, Charlotte, etc. Eliminating excess seats at least keeps it to STH and whoever they resell to.
  7. SonnyandSam

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Hey, I never got invited to that! There's that communication problem again. Dave was in Section 238 behind me.....
  8. SonnyandSam

    Season Ticket Renewals

    I have both paper and digital parking passes. I also have just the paper tickets for my seats. I also got my tickets several weeks ago. Now they did send me the wrong seats initially. They sent me tickets for my first upgrade. I upgraded a second time about a month after the original upgrade window and somehow the TO agent I spoke to did not change my tickets. When I called to complain, the TO agent was able to put me in my 2nd upgrade with no problem. The seats (on the 40 yard line) were still available. He sent my tickets on plain white stock printed at the ticket office in the new Redskins box with all the gifts (the power bank, USB drive and pin). So I have two boxes with a full set of the STH gifts. So they made a mistake and fixed quickly. My gripe is there was no letter explaining any of the new "benefits" including the food discounts which they still have not said how it is going to work, presumably on Thursday at the first pre-season game.
  9. SonnyandSam

    Season Ticket Renewals

    The ticket office ****ed up. They sent me tickets for section 224 when I upgraded and paid extra for section 220. Arrrgggghh. ****ers. Now I gotta call on Monday. morons.
  10. SonnyandSam

    Season Ticket Renewals

    I got mine yesterday. Same package. Nicely done. I like it more than what we used to get. Plus the USB drive and cell charger. I did have trouble figuring out how to open the presentation box. LOL. Yep. And real paper tickets. OK, I get the politics excuse. But you really won't go to games because they serve Pepsi instead of Coke? Really?
  11. SonnyandSam

    How does Handicap parking work at games?

    I've parked in the handicapped lots for over 10 years now. I recommend your friend enter from Morgan Blvd and use the handicapped lot on the right next to the Stadium. That would be the closest lot to the Ticket window. It is also the easiest way to navigate with a walker. I suggest arriving 1.5 hours before game time. Parking is limited but attendance is low for preseason games. (You need to arrive at least 2.5 hours early for most regular season games.) You will need your handicapped placard or license plate PLUS a valid parking pass for a Morgan Blvd parking lot. Any color parking pass is fine. The ticket office is on the left as you face the stadium. IF your parking pass is for a lot along Redskins road, he will have to park in that lot and walk to the other side of the stadium to the ticket office. But being in 237, you should be in a Morgan Blvd lot. I also suggest giving him the Redskins operations phone number in case he needs assistance. The TO can give it to you. Don't have my phone with me right now or I would include it. Nothing really to add to what Mark said about changing your tickets.
  12. SonnyandSam

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Dear old man shaking his fist at the clouds. It's the 21st century. No more phones attached to the wall. We drive cars instead of riding horseback. We can fly like the birds. We have light bulbs and LEDs instead of candles. Computers in the palm of our hands not taking up an entire city block. Donald Trump is President. Stuff happens. Things change. You don't need a ticket stub. Its on your phone. Guess you haven't gone to sports in other towns, concerts, plays, etc. Paper tickets are old stuff. And this coming from a 60 year old. Life will go on.....
  13. SonnyandSam

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Lots of good sideline seats still available. I just upgraded myself from the 15 to the 40 yard line in section 220. My friend just upgraded from upper deck to the 35 yard line in 223 I believe. Most available seats are on the visitor's side. Lots of good end zone seats also. As far as I could tell, no obstructed view seats behind the pillars are available. So perhaps it is true they are not selling those tickets. Sad to see how easy it is now to get redskins season tickets. No longer a ticket in demand. Login to your account and try to buy tickets. It will take you to the ticketmaster app and you can check various sections you are interested in. Then call the ticket office with the seats you want to upgrade too. Took me two minutes.
  14. I always love a guy with a little self-deprecating humor. Have a great weekend.
  15. SonnyandSam

    Season Ticket Renewals

    I agree, there is much less interest in seat upgrades than past years. We used to add pages every day of people interested and declaring their upgrades. Sad. And yes, we are in agreement (probably in the minority) that there really is something special about watching our dear Redskins in person. A lot of fans poo-poo the idea of seeing the game live in person. I understand the value to entertainment ratio argument. Never understood people's complaints about the "game day experience". For me, the football game IS the game day experience. Not the food, beer, pomp and circumstance, Wi-Fi, parking, ease of access, and other stuff. Thanks for the seating update. I guess I don't feel so bad if I'm not missing possible seats closer to the 50. HTTR!