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  1. I liken Snyder/Allen to the Khmer Rouge in that they have basically manage to kill off their entire fan base...unbelievable. My family had season tickets (50 yard line; section 101 at Fedex) since they moved from Boston and I gave them up after last season. I got out alive; and have never looked back. Snyder and Allen can go f themselves.
  2. There is some good news...Norman is hurt. Don’t let the bull gore you on the way out the door you loser
  3. This franchise is a complete joke. You can tell already the players have quit. I have quit as well. What’s the point Snyder isn’t going anywhere and next year it will be more of the same. And the next year and the next. Seriously there simply is no light at the end of the tunnel. the franchise that I once proudly rooted for is dead and never coming back. I finally have accepted and it is what it is. If anyone deserves ill will or bad things to happen it’s Bruce and Dan. I wish you two the worst and hope the rest of your lives
  4. sorry..haven't been following this thread and im in process of moving and was looking into options besides Verizon or Comcast...but Sling and Hulu are great and have everything except MASN? Is that correct? But they do have comcast? As much as Sling sounds appealing I don't think I can go without seeing the Nats. Thanks for the insight.
  5. Dear Wiz: Winning a Game 7 is no problem, what pressure??..just focus Sincerely, The Washington Caps.
  6. if anyone is interested in splitting my tickets in sec 101 for this season PM me.....I am not tied to any game meaning I can live without seeing NY, Philly or Dallas...just want to go to four games. HTTR
  7. anyone have two tickets to the MD v. Michigan game to sell? If so PM me. Thanks
  8. why cant the hawks just go back to their uniforms from the 80s...those were the best. back to the draft, anyone want to predict what the big trade will be tomorrow?
  9. ok, so I just caught up on RAW from this Monday and I don't post in this forum often but I have been watching and following pro wrestling since 1984 so I know pretty much all about the industry and I am very impressed with the insight and history a lot of the members post in this thread. Back to RAW, wrestling has pretty much been as I would say ""boring" and dragging along and while I do watch RAW its usually on DVR and I speed through it as I haven't been impressed with the WWE product in years. Anyways, Monday night ignited my interest again with the whole Kevin Owens/Cena program. T
  10. saw "unbreakable" last night...I usually fall asleep at movies but not this one. Incredible...especially opening scene. Wow, the fact he forgave the Japanese is a testament to his character.
  11. Im more proud of Wall's character then his performance on the court. Man if that post game interview didn't give you the chills or bring a tear to your eye then your not human. Major props to John, and Im proud to have him represent the DMV
  12. i wish there was a way to get kevin love. Ernie needs to try and focus on making that happen....if not its porter. Could we get Love for Beal, #1 in 2013. #1 in 2014 and kevin Seprharin ???
  13. Nash will tear a quad walking to the ring...manager yes. wrestler no.
  14. Thank god..brand split is coming to and end...now need to drop one of the 2 heavy weight championship belts. I really am wondering where they are going with HHH v. Punk....i smell some sort of click reunion coming] BTW,,,,awesome hearing the nWo theme lastnight! ---------- Post added August-30th-2011 at 10:19 AM ---------- Which Sin Cara was that last night...apparently Mystico is gone from the wwe.
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