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Random Thought Thread

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I hate when my piercings get stuck in my towel when I wipe down after showers. Happened today again... Oh well, it might be time to get rid of them anyways...

Dude I feel you - hurts like ****....especially if you've just gotten em done.

I just ate sooo much seafood. I am sooo full :D

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What type of seafood? Shrimp / Shellfish / Lobster / etc

Do you have a mealplan...damn I kept that mealplan on all 4.5 years at VT. West End

I'm not at VT right now :( Takin the semester off, but I'm goin down in a week and you best believe I'm makin all my friends take me straight to West End...is it weird I miss my school food?

And I had crab cakes and lobster bisque ... yummm

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WTF on Friday in Dallas the temperature was in the 70s. It was pretty much perfect. I was wearing shorts outside and loving it. But Saturday, it's in the 30s and SNOWING. The snow continues to pelt us as I type this. :wtf: :mad:

On Monday, it is supposed to be back in the 70s. :ols:

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Lol this newspaper caption for Stratsburg in today's "Wall Street Post"

"It's a business," said Stephen Strasburg, who was disappointed by the decision.

Why be disappointed when you got drafted last year? Need some minor league work, champ.

By the way does anyone else still read the newspaper?

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