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Random Thought Thread

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I like the "Ask A Cop" thread. Now we need an "Ask A Lawyer," an "Ask A Doctor," and an "Ask A Banker" thread.

Hey, any profession that could involve me spending thousands of dollars that I don't have to spend, can have its own advice thread by me.

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You ate an entire jar of honey?

I have a nagging cough that won't die. I'm going to DC from Richmond today in a car with 4 others and don't want be doing a cough spree on them. I been using cough drops the last few days but even that hasn't been too effective. Honey was just a desperate attempt. I honestly hate the taste of honey(minus honey nut cheerios:)) which made it more nasty.

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I hate getting out of bed in the mornings. HATE.

I am addicted to facebook.

I just realized I didn't get sick once this fall/winter season!

*I must now knock on wood.

I need money. I am horrible at saving money. I hate money!! Grr.

I miss tailgating.

I want someone to take me out on a boat to go fishing on Potomac this summer!

Brunettes rule. Blondes drool. :)

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Bajio is possibly the best "chain" mexican restaurant I've ever been to...

There's about 40 restaurants in the country and 20+ of them are in utah, I went to the one in Florida... It was excellent... If I had the money I'd open one here...

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how would you handle this?:

my friend has a dip**** boyfriend that everyone hates (all of her family, friends).

Her - 22, college graduate, big time job in DC, smart, extremely pretty, nice person.

Him - 23, maybe only a semester of college completed, no real job, stupid, has a chin like James Bottomtooth from Family Guy, all around douchebag.

They've been dating for a year now, and she's kinda forgotten all about her friends and family...she spends all of her time with him. They fight all the time, but then next thing you know, shes going out to eat with him or going to see a movie...its really baffling.

Here's the kicker though, cause I'm sure you are scratching your head already, he's got a child from a one night stand...he found this out after they had been dating for 3 months...and she stayed with him. He pays child support, but hasnt seen the kid since August even though he lives 10 minutes away from her.


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