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Post-game comments: Cowboys at Skins.


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Great game all around. Santana is clutch and the offense was just plain awesome today.

Defense played lights out and I couldn't be prouder of our whole team today.

Hopefully Randy Thomas is ok.

Congrats Cooley on the three big TD's

Congrats to Daniels on the 4 sacks, which I understand is a single game record for a Redskin.

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Offense played great, Defense played great what more could 1 ask for but the sweep on Dallas.

GOTTA LOVE DEM SKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Now for NY Get Em Skins !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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All I can say is Thank God my Dad's taping the game over there in DC... when I fly him in to Cali on Tuesday, he'll bring it with him so I can watch and see my favorite team. :D

Good lord. 18 years of being a redskin fan, 10 of those spent watching us getting beat by the girls time after time, culminating into THIS. It pays to be dyed in the wool.

Hail to the REDSKINS, baby!

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Great game by all 3 teams (offense, defense, special teams).

They went after Dallas today and blew them into the Potomac. :)

Also BIG props to the 12th man.

I think its safe to say watching the end of the first game and this game that the Cowboys simply don't have an answer for Moss. :)

Congrats Gibbs and the Skins.

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Brilliant game. We outmatched them in every facet of the game. Absolutely brilliant.

If only we had beaten Tampa... we would almost certainly guarenteed us a playoff spot right now.

We're going to have to bring the same intensity next week against New York. It's nice to know that we only used a small fraction of the playbook today - it seemed like we had saved a lot for this Dallas game.

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