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  1. to whom it may concern, here's a mix playlist of hip hop/rap songs produced by different Libyan, Egyptian, Tunisian groups, put together in early 2011 as the Arab Spring was dawning. ttp://www.mediafire.com/?tyhal2vx6y10ib7
  2. lol....dude, that's ****ed up if it's true.
  3. You must have a home. You must have a home and begin to discover your hidden definitions and appreciations. From the solid grain in the walls to the dark and shadowed complexions of your face, you must feel your similarities and harmony. How you protect each other, build each other. Try to truly see yourself in the mirror as an existing duplicate rather than simply yourself, a spirit of the house. The mirror, a solid opening that reluctantly allows a view deep inside the house. Unachievable, untouched, but in sight. You see this trademark of the home, your imprint. And then you pass on t
  4. It comforts you to know that not everybody provides a home for a limp penis 247.
  5. Dust. No matter what you do, you can’t get rid of it. It’s that imminent sparkle that flashes by as it crosses beams of light that stream through the window. Just like death. Death and Dust. It drifts by with a calm, soothing flutter that you disregard, like the homeless individuals on the side of the street. They cling to your skin, and although you can’t feel the sting, it’s there. Dodge that dust speck. Just like you dodge those death tracks.
  6. I don't know man, at age 3 you should be more concerned with learning how to **** in the toilet rather than finding a hot blonde to settle down with.
  7. The small pointy eyed rabbit chops on the granola bar with its two front teeth. ya ya ya. If you like skipping, dee dee, follow the pointy eyed rabbit. Thumper is his name. Hit the ground with his two thumpy feet. But don't flatten me son.
  8. There are times when I feel the breezetunnel bend above my head. My dead grampa speaks to me through broken records. It buzzes crystal bounces over the green hills. There is a spring that reflects into cloud masses that dripp mysteriously from the sky. The doves beneath catch the tears. It's a weightless drop that hits the ground and subsequentially becomes a life form. It sprouts and splashes into an absorption of the found sequence. The solution. It's eternally heavy headed, like a siren on a cerebral pack.
  9. **** the cowboys, i wish we were playing them this weekend
  10. **** the mother-****ing Cowboys. 4-0 and that team is going to continue having it's anal lovefest. God I hate that ****ing team.
  11. I like them better than the normal white on burgunday. My favorite is Burgundy on white, then these. I hope we wear them again. Superstition can kiss my ass.
  12. My feeling is that maybe we'll wear them next week against the Eagles cuz we're both 75 year anniversery teams.
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