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  1. All this whining has begun to get me to agree with the name change. I used to think of the Redskins name as expressing the strength of a noble and proud people but now it’s got me thinking of crybabies who are easily offended. Not exactly striking fear into our opponents. We need something more badass! Is Space Marines available? Rocket Surgeons? In all seriousness I hate all of this. I feel for the proud natives who love the name and will have their team taken from them by a loud minority of natives and some overly conscientious white people. I will likely remain a fa
  2. What about the natives whom are proud of the name and don’t want to see it changed? I keep seeing the argument that it’s the feelings of football fans vrs actual hurt and pain of a marginalized group. What about the members of said marginalized group that love the name? That are fans of the team because of the name? This isn’t such a clear cut issue as many are making it.
  3. I’m a season ticket holder to the Salt Lake Stallions. It’s been fun so far. From the Stallions I’d say DE Carter Schult is worth a look. He reminds me of a lesser version of Kerrigan. Their TE Nick Truesdell has been playing well. DB Will Davis has improved throughout the season and is also worth a look. League wide there have been a few intriguing players, but I haven’t seen enough of them to say for sure. There’s a receiver on the Hot Shots, Rashad Ross, that everyone has been saying should move up. And I liked what I’ve seen from the Iron’s QB Luis Perez. He apparently taught h
  4. Agreed. If we use him situationally and keep his snaps lower it might help him avoid injury as well. The thought of a Kerrigan/Payne/Allen/Ansah combo on passing downs gives me the warm and fuzzies.
  5. I hope they take a look at Ansah. I was intrigued by him coming out of college, physical freak with little football experience at the time. He’s done well for Detroit but seems to get injured fairly often. I think we could finish polishing him up with our coaches and Alabama technician type players around him. Not sure he fits our scheme though.
  6. I was impressed with our young guys at receiver. Still a lot to see/evaluate, but I’d say while we may not have a dominant #1, we will make defenses have to respect each receiver that is out there... I think that bodes well.
  7. I guess I should add a pic if I'm gonna bump. Eli after Carter and Taylor get him. Melting... MELTING What a world! What a world.
  8. **** dallas. Can't ever say it or hear it enough. **** dallas!
  9. Needed to see something familiar, so... bump!
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