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  1. After watching the game and more of the highlights, my thoughts are these: 1. Eagles have an underrated defense and they will still be good this year. 2. Haskins still struggled with accuracy at times but when I watched closely I could see that he realized that he was going to be under pressure all game and would have little time in the pocket, and adjusted. Haskins was working with very little this game, not just because of our personnel or scheme but because the eagles were ferocious up front. He made several quick throws in tight windows with pressure coming that I was ve
  2. IF you want some insight into Ron's opinions on some of this stuff go back to his first press conference. When he is asked how he feels about being a minority coach, or something like that, he ignores the question completely. You could take that how you will but to me it seemed like it was not something he was particularly interested in. There is actually a term called "covid denier"? is disagreeing with the politics of BLM hate speech too? This is getting beyond ridiculous, is any opinion not sanctioned by the establishment a hate crime that people need to be fired for?
  3. No i just listened to the unusually large number of people who told me how sick they were in dec-february, and used critical thinking to hypothesize that there was a very strong and very contagious flu like virus going around before The covid outbreak. I dont know what it was or if it was anything more then a serious flu. But it was very noticeable. Like I said, I dont know a single person who got deathly sick from covid, besides the grandmother of a distant friend. Yet, I cant even count how many people told me they were deathly ill during that time period, it was VERY substantial. I am no
  4. Every time I have heard Foster speak he has seemed like a really intelligent, likeable guy. It did not fit with the public image that has been portrayed at all. Hoping he stays healthy and gets another shot here. His rookie season, he looked verrrry impressive.
  5. yea I have heard a lot of stories like that. Weird coincidence. IF a virus that looked like the flu traveled around the world, caused millions to be sick or worse, but had no brand name or media following, would we even notice? did we?
  6. Its crazy but I remember in December through february I had like 20 different people tell me they had got the worst flu of their life and that they thought they were going to die. But since the covid crisis I dont know anyone. Maybe some people had it here earlier then we thought and just thought it was the flu, and it actually was worse before it became big news.
  7. Just curious but does anyone know if there have been any professional athletes in any of the major sports who have got very sick or died of covid? I thought i remembered hearing about someone in the MLB but I can't remember the name.
  8. Millions of people are working in US. Millions more shopping, handling money, merchandise and going about their daily business. There are ways to mitigate risk but at some point you have to realize there is only so much you can control. NFL players practicing and playing is not some inherently high risk activity relative to what anyone else is doing every day. Professional athletes are also at a low risk of having serious symptoms. Some of these guys are being a little melodramatic if you ask me. jJust last night I was at a packed casino and everyone was runnning around
  9. I found it hard to judge his ability to handle press coverage and physicality because the refs really let guys hang all over him in most of his games. I think that they let a lot more PI calls go in these small school games. Especially with a man among boys like GG out there you can imagine why they would feel comfortable looking other way when some small school DB starts grabbing at him. This is one of the reasons I think he projects better then one might think looking at his play. He really was in a different environment than most of other prospects. It is going to be interesting to s
  10. https://youtu.be/18rTcZYOffs I dont know how to embed videos but this is a cutup of gandy golden playing umass. Been doing some homework on him and after watching this, I really believe he could be the biggest sleeper on the squad. The thing about GG that I started to realize after watching a whole game as opposed to just highlights is that he essentially was used like we all used randy moss in madden when he was at his peak. They just lobbed the ball up to him deep on jump ball plays, no matter the coverage, and he consistently took the ball from whoever was on
  11. Good to hear he is recovering. Two weeks is a long time to be sick. I wonder what type of medicine he was given, that eventually helped him recover.
  12. I think there is very little chance that someone trades with cincy and takes young. the reason is that there are probably teams who would be willing to trade for 1 overall for young and for burrow but there is little chance that the teams trading for young are going to give up as much as the ones trading for burrow. It is true that they might like the draft position better of detroit as a trade partner for chase but its hard to imagine that would outweigh the sheer volume of draft capital they might be able to get for a team trading up for burrow.
  13. Take out Dillon and add bpa WR or TE and this is my idea of perfect scenario draft. Hard not to think twice if you thought you could pull this off. A key aspect to any trade down is still getting a high level edge defender, which I believe we still need. Glad you included that in the scenario.
  14. Thats a strangely semantic argument. Did you think I was suggesting that someone was actually going to be physically restrained from having an opinion? No. Anyone who states an unpopular opinion should be expected to face criticism. But will they need to defend their opinion or their character? Will they be reasoned with or ridiculed and shamed? There is a line that people are crossing too often. There is no law against it, but it is concerning. Your definition of irrational might be quite different then someone elses, and that is the problem. The more passionately and emotionally ch
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