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  1. I agree and I that as long as American citizens are still legally allowed to choose whether or not they want to get injected with hastily constructed experimental medical treatments from billion dollar mega corporations with no liability, then the decision is personal and the continued discussion of this is political. I know some people think they are super duper right about everything they see on the news this time and that this isnt political because anyone who disagrees is ignorant and a danger to society, but until its illegal to refuse, all this talk of moral superiority and medical nec
  2. I really have no idea. I thought it would be funny if everyone else in the class succeeded except for the long snapper. I chose him because he is the only player that you really dont have enough information to feel one way or the other about. I got nothing against him.
  3. I am having problems deciding which one of these rookies has a high chance of being a bust. Is it possible that the entire class turns out to be quality starters or depth? The statistics would say its highly improbable, but besides one of the 7th round picks or the long snapper, I wouldn't bet against any of them. I really wouldn't want to bet against the 7th rounders either, but Dax might not succeed here just be because there is too much depth at WR. It would be funny if the Long snapper ends up the only one who busts completely.
  4. I love Riveras press conference. Got real pressed on the covid stuff and gave some truly classy answers that I think we can learn a lot from. It does not matter how much we disagree with someones personal medical choice or the reasoning that they use to justify it, we should try to respect it. Everyone has their own circumstances and their own reasoning on what is important to them, and however much we disagree, there is a fine line between being critical and disrespectful and i think it goes a little to far sometimes. There might be a lot of players that feel the way he does and Rivera i
  5. Maybe there is something to be said for that theory. Would the 4-2-5 Be more consistent against the run and short passing game if the most of the DB's are hybrid types who can cover and hit and tackle? Maybe that is what they are trying to build here, and if so, I like it. They can still have one or two traditional type cover corners who can play man and are light and agile enough to stick with the elite offensive guys, but the rest of the DB's are all bigger hybrid types that can cover and play tough at the point of attack if need be. Cant wait to see how it plays out.
  6. Its not just about the teams, it's about the situations. Its a very clever way to hide bias in a league of supposed parity. It seems to be more then a coincidence that small differences in scheduling has negatively affected the WFT so consistently over such a long period of time, but that is just how it looks to me. If I was WFT, I would have someone do a real deep dive in the numbers and try to prove through probability that there was likely a deliberate intent on the part of schedulers. Then sue. That sounds about right. Still happening too.
  7. I thought it was a little low but your right there is so much talent out there, its hard to say until he has a true breakout year that he deserves to be much higher. I think on pure ability he is a top 10 at least. He is number one in the league in my book for his ability to make people miss in the open field.
  8. If there going to be a wolf they might as well be a werewolf. Washington Werewolves. Way better merchandising and brand potential. Red wolves idk... thats kinda lame. I also like keeping it WFT or changing it to club but I feel like they wont let them get away with it. Like it would be cheating to not have to come up with some token mascot that nobody can be offended by. If they wanted to go with something red maybe the Red Bellied Piranha. Piranhas are better then wolves IMO, more original. I also like the Washington Vets.
  9. This offense is going to be all about distribution. Play within the system and let the playmakers make the plays. Its great that fitz is going to air it out, but mckissic needs to eat underneath. Who is going to get the ball out efficiently and quickly? Might end up being more Heinicke's game then Fitzpatrick. Have to wait and see.
  10. that stuff is all possible too. I felt like it was pretty obvious they were short arming the 3 cone drill but im not an expert so idk. figures they would do a lot of little things if they could get away with it.
  11. I really like Toney and think he will be good, but these numbers were almost too good for a 7th round pick. I went back and looked at the penn state pro day video on youtube because I was curious. IMO they let those guys cut a few corners here and there and while I still think he would be an elite athlete, there might be a little number fudging to reach that percentile. Parsons and Oweh's numbers are probably a little inflated too, if I had to guess.
  12. I dont understand this Tebow situation, but maybe I havent been paying attention and don't know th details. Is he is only making the team because he knows the coach? They don't actually expect him to play? If he makes the team because he knows the coach but still plays well, is it still a mistake? Or is he guaranteed to fail, so it's already predetermined to be a mistake and that's why people are upset? Not sure what is inherently unfair or incorrect about it until it actually fails miserably, no matter how likely that might be. But, again maybe I am missing something.
  13. I don't disagree with the idea that tape can be the most important indicator. I am sure there are a lot of scouts who would agree with you. Honestly I have no idea what is the best indicator, I just try to add all the pieces up and see where it takes me. I think you can argue a hypothetical inflation of value from that perspective, but the true value or cost of the player can only be determined by NFL performance. So its just an opinion, no matter the spin. NFL performance does not naturally proceed from college tape, like a stock continuing to follow its past chart path. It can, but its
  14. Inflated, interesting choice of words but I understand. Maybe propelled would be better. Either way it was likely the third part that made him really ascend deep into the first. i like that word even better. That third part being attitude and intangibles. Military background, work ethic, etc...
  15. Best case scenario is some aspiring superbowl team looses a few Guards early in training camp or the season and makes a desperation trade for him. I am not sure how it works with the franchise tag if you can eat some of the salary to make the trade feasilble, but I would think it would be the only way to make it work unless a team had a lot of cap room or an expensive player to trade back.
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