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  1. I think my ideal scenario would be a trade back unless there is some elite talent at 19. Then try to get 4-5 picks in the 2nd and 3rd and go WR QB LB RB in any order. Get a QB with potential and wheels and a bell cow RB. One of the best things this team has going for it is they actually draft really well. But they have NEVER really had a bonanza of picks to work with. Its time they had an epic draft with lots of capital and build to their strengths. No trade ups unless its a steal.
  2. I was into mac jones initially but I am coming around to the same type of thinking. The Eagles game brought it home even more. Watching how much impact Hurts had on that offense really said a lot. The situation the WFT is in, it really would be a slam dunk to get a guy who can make plays with his feet, and generate offense without being some sort of pocket system mastermind. The, less mobile, system type player, is a longer shot to find and takes longer to mataure, and it gets longer every day when guys like Chase are coming out to make it even harder for any qb to sit back there and sl
  3. That slide alone is enough to make me re-think my position on Jones. ouch.
  4. That is a pretty solid plan and I would be happy with it but If they are going to go qb in the top half of the first and groom him, it makes a little more sense to just roll with kyle allen as the starter and pick up a much cheaper vet, on a one year deal, to round out the group. If they are going to go with the, sign a mid tier vet but groom a rookie strategy, I would rather they draft a mid round guy and use the first rounder on bpa. JMO
  5. The panic, win-now mode would probably be more akin to getting a expensive free agent, not something I am totally against btw. If they are going to draft a guy high, and already have a very strong defense and some pieces in place, it makes sense to not pick the riskiest guy out there, even if its a home run shot. Lance might have all the tools but he is still one of the riskiest of the prospects. For a team with nothing to lose that is not a bad play. For a team with a window of elite defense on the horizon, it makes more sense to go with the less sexy, more reliable guy. JMO.
  6. If we were starting from scratch I would probably agree to this. But we have a slightly different situation where we could plug and play a lot of qb's to be successful. I just dont know if this team has the patience or the time to wait for lance. I think mac jones is start week one type of guy and thats what I am looking for in the draft or FA. I would be happy with Lance if they picked him up so I am definitely not ant-lance here, just prefer the higher floor of Jones given our situation.
  7. He has a calmness and instinct in the pocket that is hard to teach. This is the most important trait I Iook for in a QB. Not just movement in the pocket but the ability to still make quality throws within it, when big bodies are around. He might end up being the best qb in the draft besides lawrence. I wouldnt even be mad if they had to trade up a little to get him, but It would be very fortunate if they could get him outright in the first wherever they pick.
  8. I always notice clock shenanigans late in games, and I wonder why nobody audits this stuff and looks at the small discrepancies in how the clock is managed by officials. It is obviously not consistent.
  9. Curl is such a gem, how did they find this guy? He might be one of the best SS's in the league right now. He looks that good.
  10. I am happy Cam has contributed but I think his hands are always going to be a problem. Looking at the Pittsburgh game, even the catches he did make looked awkward and he never seems to catch the ball smoothly. He is not a rookie either. If he hasn't learned these skills yet, its hard to imagine its going to click anytime soon. Gandy Golden looks to have really great hands and I can't wait to see what he can do.
  11. Sprinkle just made one of the worst plays I have ever seen in football. That is the type of play that should get you straight up cut. Unbelievable.
  12. Complete with a Pittman4two quote hahaha He was the best.
  13. Thats awesome! I saw him at an airport in miami one time and said hello, but I was too starstruck to say anything other then HTTR. I wish I would have brought that up. I know he would appreciate fans remembering the small things like that that made him great. Glad to hear you were able to share that with him.
  14. If I remember correctly it was Sheldon Quarles or something like that. Still one of my favorite Portis memories. Even Portis was psyched after that hit, like he just scored a TD. haha
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