At 5-3 We Are Now Officially Trapped

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1 minute ago, Cooleyfan1993 said:

Since our game against them, they have gotten worse scoring wise (going from 17 in our game to 14 the next game (this past Monday night). That’s really the thing I’m going off of as to why i think we can complete the season sweep :D plus, who knows, maybe Trent/CT/Crowder are back for that game. That could be a huge help i hope. 


Titans have the #1 scoring defense, that has a lot to do with it. They are also 8th in yards. It's a nasty D. Cooper will be better acclimated to the offense, and that is not a good thing for a rather porous secondary.


Meanwhile, offensively we've lost our more reliable WR, and both starting guards for  the year. We could only hang 14 points on a bad defense, and you expect us to do better with the a injury decimated OL against a team that we generally do not play well against (we are 1-4 over the last 5 games).


I admire your optimism, but I don't see this game, or the rest of the season ending well.

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On 11/5/2018 at 11:39 PM, jjpomeroy said:

@kleese while I always don’t agree with you - the majority of the time I do and I appreciate your insights.  Please keep them coming.


I joiniedExtremeSkins back after Gibbs II started. For the most part, I have merely “lurked” reading great insights from fans like you, and who had a much bigger knowledge base about football than me.


My biggest problems are with the FO - Bruce Allen......  he alone with Danny have almost killed my undying love for this franchise that started way, way back back in 1969.   I am just tired at the age of 60 of investing anymore of my heart in this team.  They consistently do everything possible to rip out my heart.  I feel so bad for my youngest son who I “influenced” into becoming a huge Skins fan like his dad.


Allen’s screw up of the entire Kirk (Kurt) Cousins negotiations and chasing away the best QB that we had since Rypien was maddening.  


Once Kirk was gone - I initially felt like getting Alex Smith was the best possible alternative UNTIL the details around the extension given to Alex were disclosed - that was Bruce’s final FU to the Skins fan base - as we’ll be stuck for awhile.  What really pisses me off is that even if Allen gets fired - he’ll walk away totally enriched while the Skins fans are stuck yet again. 


It also really kills me to see Skins fans attacking each other due to our mutual frustration with the team.


I am almost to the same point I was after the Senators moved to Texas where I went from being a big baseball fan to a sports guy that didn’t watch a single pitch of this year's World Series.  Pro football has pushed me to a point that I have thought was impossible.





Wow we are close to the same age and you posted my feelings as well.   Well except for the baseball part, I'm a Red Sox fan. :)



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Well, if you didn’t feel trapped BEFORE last week, you really should now. 


The Redskins are pretty much guaranteed to be playing games with playoff implications into mid December at the very least. 


Consider this... Dallas beats Atlanta, Philly beats NOLA, Philly beats Giants, we lose to Texans, we lose to Cowboys. 


That right there would be the absolute worst case outcome of the next two weeks. And if it happened we’d STILL be in first place, albeit at that point it would a three way first place tie at 6-5. And even if we lost the NEXT one to Philly to fall to 6-6 we would almost certainly still control our own playoff destiny over the final four games. 


Essentially, no matter what happens we are guaranteed to take the field against the Giants on Dec. 10th very much alive in the playoff mix. The WORST case scenario being that we’d be “alive.” That’s the WORST case. The best case of course is that we’d be cruising. I think the most likely is that we will be in good shape, but still have a little work to do. 

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^you lost me at philly beating the saints 😂😂 Philly couldn’t even beat Dallas :P you think they’re going to compete against the saints, who scored 51 points on Sunday and beat the previously unbeaten rams the weekend before?? (Yes, i realize you said worst case scenario, but i dont see that happening in ANY scenario at all). 

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