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Harvey Weinstein, Fired Amongst Sexual Harassment Allegations

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20 minutes ago, Spaceman Spiff said:


He was never America's dad but he did donate a lot to causes and stuff.  He was viewed as a philanthropist of sorts.  Cosby had a different platform being able to be in America's living room.


But if either one of them serve time, I wonder if it's going to be in federal pound me in the ass prison or white collar resort prison.  Either way, I hope both of them serve time.  

I hope Harvey's cell has a black leather love seat

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16 minutes ago, First Colony said:

Not to highjack the thread, but nice "Office Space" reference!


Yep, that's what I was going for.

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Ivy League professor who 'sabotaged researcher's academic career after she refused to have sex with him' says U.S. laws are 'biased against privileged white men'


An Ivy League professor who has been accused of sexually harassing a female researcher says Americans are ‘p***ies’ and that U.S. discrimination laws are ‘totally biased against the “privileged white males”,’ it has been reported.


Geert Bekaert, a professor at Columbia University in New York, and his employer are being sued for $30million in a Manhattan federal court for alleged harassment of Enrichetta Ravina.


‘The laws in this country are screwed up and totally biased against the “privileged white males”,’ Bekaert wrote to a colleague.


Ravina, a former finance researcher at the university, claims Bekaert, who is 11 years older than her, made unwanted advances toward her beginning in September 2012, according to Poets and Quants.


Ravina and Bekaert, who was her mentor, had been collaborating on academic research projects for more than two years at the time.


Bekaert then made repeated requests for her to join him for dinner, but she declined.


Eventually, she relented, although she made clear this was to remain a professional relationship.


Ravina said that at the dinner, Bekaert ‘asked me if I had a boyfriend and if I lived with him.


‘I said, “Look this is a dinner among colleagues and I appreciate our work together and want to continue to work together”.


‘He started laughing.’


After the dinner, Ravina says that Bekaert gave her a ride home in a taxi.


As she started to exit the taxi at her destination, ‘he put his hand on my back and slid it down,’ she claims.


‘I rushed out of the taxi.’


When she rejected his advances, Bekaert sabotaged her research and impeded her academic career, according to the lawsuit.


Ravina claims that Bekaert made it clear that she was required to yield to his sexual advances if she wanted her works published in academic papers.


When she notified administrators at Columbia University, they brushed off her complaints and blamed her for ‘flirting’ with Bekaert.


Ravina’s lawsuit alleges that Bekaert and Columbia are guilty of ‘gender discrimination, a hostile work environment, quid pro quo sexual harassment, retaliation, failure to promote, and wrongful discharge.’


Click on the link for the full article

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