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Who do you root against...


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NFL...Anyone but the Burgundy and Gold, especially Philly and Dallas.

NHL...Colorado...ever since Lemuieux had that dirty check on Draper. I've hated them!!

NBA...The Rapers, I mean the Lakers!!! I hate Shaq, KOBE, Karl, and The mouth , i mean the glove.

MLB...YANKEES, how can you not root against them!!

NCAA...I'm a PSU fan so I root against Michigan, Ohio State and most of the Big 10. Not a big fan of Miami of FSU football, and being a DIE HARD Heels Hoops fan...I HATE DUKE!!

Nascar...GORDON, him and his rainbow warriors!!

I actually only root now for Joe Gibbs racers!! Tony and Bobby!!!

Fav teams....SKINS, PSU Football, UNC Hoops, Phillies and Red Sox baseball, Redwings and Sixers(even though they suck), and Joe Gibbs Racing.

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NFL: everyone except the Skins and Dolphins (don't really care about the Fins much but will root for them as an AFC team).

NHL: don't care about anyone

NBA: Lakers. Indifferent to everyone else.

MLB: Indifferent. Root for the O's but don't really care.

NCAA: Notre Dame. Though that is waning because their on field performance has made me indifferent to them lately.

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Aside from the obvious: Cowboys, Giants, and Eagles.

Puke Blue Devils.

UNC basketball- that "God must be a Tar Heel" crap makes me sick.:puke:

U of F Gators- I have never, ever, experienced the fans of a team that have accomplished so little talk so much trash.:hammer:

Every New York team- being surrounded down here by those obnoxious, egotistical, self aggrandizing a$$holes constantly telling everyone who will listen how NY is the best city in the world, how their fans are the best in the world, and how everything is so much better there. Well if it's so much better there....GO HOME! 95 North baby!:rant:

P.S. How about those Marlins! If you can make it there you'll make it anywhere...

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NFL - How can any human be a fan of the Cowboys?

MLB - The Braves...talk about fair weather and annoying fans, in aruably the worst sports city in the country.

NHL - All American Franchises...especially Detroit & LA

NBA - The Nets. God I hate them...watching the Pistons bounce them was a beautiful thing

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I hate Allen Iverson, Philly, Dallas, NASCAR, Boxing, the NBA, Barry Bonds, GayRod, Ray Lewis, McNabb, Terrell Owens and Norv Turner.

In the past I hated Gus Frerotte, Jimmy Johnson, Bill Romanowski, Joe Montana, Kurt Warner AND his wife, and John Elway... however I reversed my opinion of Elway after I met him in Denver and he was really cool, I even told him I was a Marino fan and he said I was still ok with him...

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NFL: All NFC East Teams but the Cowboys the most

NBA: The Lakers

MLB: The Yankees

NHL: Don't really care

College Basketball: UNC and Duke

College football: Virginia Tech, Ohio State, and Notre Dame

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NFL - Cowboys and Eagles obviously, also the Patriots and Buccaneers (dunno why everyone hates the Giants, I personally dont find much to hold against them.

NBA - Lakers, all around annoying team.

Dont care for the rest.

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MLB: Yankees

NHL: Philly, Penguins

NBA: Lakers, but the whoel league is crap

NFL: NFC East, Except Skins of course, and anyone my roomate bets on.

College: Penn State, Notre Damn, Duke, UNC, and most big schools that have the media on thier balls

Nascar: I hate left turns hahah

Also I hate Dick Vitale, Ray Ray needs to murder that fool, hahaha

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