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  1. Is that a female cop? It looks like it, and that would explain why the car is in cement.
  2. Yeah, I'm not sure if I'd come up with a creative way to destroy that cat or I'd just start beating it until there was nothing left to beat.
  3. Green Men pwning hockey player in the penalty box.
  4. ^^^ WTF!?!?!? Kelly chopped off Rob's penis and sent it to Asia to be served as a delicacy. And people wonder why I consider cat people to be freaks.
  5. Trading in the lunchpail for a purse. They caught it.
  6. That's a good pic for the Owned thread.
  7. :rotflmao::rotflmao::rotflmao: That video should accompany every online definition of the word FAIL.
  8. Yeah, I think I'm done with it for awhile. It just, SUCKS.
  9. I had the volume down, who was Orton on the phone with? Edit: If it's unknown, I say Ric Flair.
  10. Bill, that first pic looks like a New Jersey version of 90210.
  11. Hahaha, Romo is friends with the Jonas Sisters.
  12. Awesome find Bill. I got tears from laughing so hard.
  13. My brain hurts after reading the regulations of Casa De Dona Cata.
  14. How is baby-mop not full of win? You can babysit and clean at the same time without lifting a finger.
  15. It's been said before but I'll say again, there is no compitition to the WWE. If there was, it'd be a better show, instead we get three different watered down shows. I'd like to see... Ric Flair as a manager. More managers of factions, so, more factions. Factions spread out through all three weekly shows.
  16. ^^^^^ He looks like he's about to start singing Santa Baby.
  17. I was thinking that maybe the main event should've been a cage match or hell in a cell. Taker/HBK was awesome, it went pretty much how I expected it too. The Hardy's match was pretty good and MITB wasn't bad, though I didn't want to see CM Punk win. I wonder if he'll cash it in right away, or wait until after the draft and be a wild card.
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