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The Mississippi welfare scandal featuring Brett Favre and the good ole boys

Cooked Crack

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Well, since the dick pic came up, this is one of the last cartoon I made making fun of Brett Favre... among others. But the dick pic segment still gets me to chuckle. (WARNING: no kids should be viewing. )





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While the Favre thing deserves more coverage than it's getting, the dolts on twitter who are like IME UDOKA IS GETTING THE COVERAGE THAT THE FAVRE SCANDAL SHOULD BE GETTING are ****ing insufferable.


As bad as the Favre thing is, nothing, and I mean nothing, gets to the top of the news cycle faster than a sex scandal. But there's plenty of room for both to get a fair amount of coverage.

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But many in Mississippi stress that attention shouldn’t be focused solely on the former quarterback. According to the U.S. Census, one in five people in Mississippi lives in poverty — the worst rate in the nation — including 28 percent of children. The federal government gives money to states to distribute to needy populations through its Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, but even before the scandal came to light, Mississippians have struggled to access money. 


“Less than 1 percent of families in Mississippi receive TANF that are eligible, and that is because for years families have found it to be an inhumane process that is just not worth it,” said Aisha Nyandoro, the chief executive of Springboard To Opportunities, a nonprofit that works with Mississippi families in need. “They make it so incredibly difficult for families that need these resources to get it. But then others who don’t need it can just send a text message and money magically appears in their bank account.” 


A Mississippi state audit in 2020 found more than $94 million in federal welfare funds that had been subject to suspect spending. An independent audit a year later confirmed most of the findings and, hampered by a lack of cooperation, said it was unable to discern whether nearly $77 million in spending was permissible




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As a mississipian,  I'm pissed about this useless **** doing this kind of ****.


I met this assclown years ago when he was in high school at a party. He was a douchebag even then. I see ain't much changed.


Mississippi is my home and a great state, though we get a bad wrap all too often. But this prick doesn't represent us. He's just a piece of ****. 



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