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Again, can't help but think this was all started in 2004/05 by ESPN who, at the time, had a financial stake in the ACC and helped destroy the Big East. 


If the ACC were to come out of this new realignment broken, I would shed no tears. No one should really. 

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23 minutes ago, The Evil Genius said:

If the ACC were to come out of this new realignment broken, I would shed no tears. No one should really. 


My tax dollars are going to these greedy ACC ****s to keep em in NC. I believe it's something like $15 billion that's been dangled to keep the ACC in state. 


The Mayor of Greensboro knows they can't afford to keep them headquartered here. Her plan to keep them in the city? Rename the Greensboro Coliseum the ACC Coliseum. 🤭


They'll move to Charlotte soon. Which is unfortunate because the ACC basketball tournaments usta bring pretty good money into the area.

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I guess my prediction is the Big 12 absorbs a few Pac12 teams and leaves the Pac12 a corpse. The SEC gets Clemson and a Fla school and the Big 10 can decide if it wants any leftovers. 

The SEC and Big 10 are considered the “major” conferences and the Big 12 is like the Minor-Major. Everyone else is basically the post-ACC Big East. 

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On 7/11/2022 at 5:34 PM, The Evil Genius said:


Termps earn $26mil more a year to be lower tier in the B10 vs lower tier in the ACC. 


No brainer. 


Yeah, MD wouldn't be lower tier in the current ACC.


That conference is horrible.


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Auburn QB T.J. Finley who inked historic NIL deal, arrested by police


Auburn University football player T.J. Finley has made bond after being in custody at the Lee County Detention Facility on a charge of Attempt to Elude with the Auburn Police Department. According to Detention records Finley was in custody as of Thursday, August 4. 


Late Thursday afternoon Auburn police released details on the case stating the arrest stems from Auburn Police attempting to perform traffic stops of a male operating a motorcycle, on two separate occasions near the area of Heisman Drive and South Donahue drive on July 26, 2022. Police say the male, who was not wearing a helmet, fled from police and committed several other traffic offenses in the process. Officers terminated the pursuit on both occasions as a matter of safety. Finley was identified as the person operating the motorcycle and an arrest warrant was obtained. On Aug. 4, 2022 Finley turned himself in and was arrested in obedience to the warrant at the Lee County Jail. He was also issued traffic citations. Finley was booked in and made eligible for a $3000 bond.


According to his attorney Finley did attend the team’s first practice on Thursday after making bond.


Finely’s arrest comes just days after the Auburn Tiger made history as the first college football player to ink a NIL deal with Amazon selling shirts, sweatshirts, phone cases, and other merchandise from his product line. Finley announced the Amazon partnership on his social media last week.


Click on the link for the full article

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