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Election 2022 (Dems in charge of Senate. Reps take the House. Herschel Walker headed back home to ignore his children )

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Former-Trump appointee advances in California’s U.S. House election


Former Trump administration appointee Connie Conway has advanced to a June runoff in a California special election to fill a U.S. House seat left vacant after Republican Rep. Devin Nunes resigned to lead former President Donald Trump’s media company.


The race for the second runoff spot was too early to call, after election officials paused counting early Wednesday morning. Completing the vote count will take at least a week, as mail ballots can arrive as late as April 12. Officials said they would not release additional results until Thursday in Tulare County and Friday in Fresno County, both in the district.


Nunes was an ardent defender of Trump on Capitol Hill. If Conway eventually triumphs, Nunes’ replacement also would have ties to the former president — Conway served as the California executive director of the Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency during the Trump administration.


Conway, a one-time GOP leader in the state Assembly and a former county supervisor, opened a gap over five other competitors with about 34% of the vote, according to a preliminary tally of ballots.


The election in the Republican-leaning 22nd District has been largely ignored as national Democrats and Republicans fixate on midterm elections that will determine control of Congress in 2023.


Click on the link for the full article

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McConnell-tied super PAC makes early $141M play for the Senate


A Mitch McConnell-aligned super PAC is booking $141 million in fall advertisements to help turn the Senate red, a staggering sum that sets the stage for a vicious battle over the chamber’s control.


The GOP-controlled Senate Leadership Fund is reserving eight-figure ad flights starting in September to protect Republican seats in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin as well as to take Democratic-held seats in Arizona, Georgia and Nevada, the group told POLITICO. SLF also laid down millions in Alaska to protect incumbent Lisa Murkowski from a Donald Trump-inspired primary challenge.


Those GOP plans follow the Chuck Schumer-aligned Senate Majority PAC’s moves to set aside $106 million in Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Georgia and Pennsylvania, with most of those ads beginning in August.


Taken together, the two primary outside groups in Senate races have slotted nearly a quarter-billion dollars for the fall, with much more spending to follow those initial commitments. With Republicans currently favored to take the House, the 50-50 Senate is shaping up to be this fall’s marquee electoral contest. And it comes with huge stakes: The ability to control the Senate floor and confirm President Joe Biden’s nominees.


“This is such a strong year that we need to invest as broadly and deeply as we can,” Steven Law, the Senate Leadership Fund’s president, said in an interview. “In the Senate, majority control is everything. It determines what happens on the floor and what doesn’t happen. It will have an impact on future Supreme Court nominations. I mean, there’s so much at stake.”


Click on the link for the full article

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Here in Florida, where in 2010, 65% of the voters forced the state constitution to state that gerrymandered districts violated the constitution. There's been a fight going on. Where DeSantis has been vetoing the districts drawn by the legislature, for not being as partisan as he thinks they can be. 

And the legislature just surrendered, and told DeSantis to just draw the districts himself. 

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Sarah Palin faces formidable opponent in Congress run: Santa Claus


Sarah Palin announced her candidacy for Alaska’s only seat in the House of Representatives this month, entering a race with dozens of candidates. She certainly brings name recognition to the contest – but another contender may have her beat in that department.


His name is Santa Claus.




He lives, of course, in North Pole – a town of about 2,000 in Alaska. He has a big white beard and a kindly manner, and Santa Claus is indeed his legal name, though, as a Bernie Sanders supporter, he does not exploit elf labor. He won a city council seat in 2015, to the delight of observers around the world. Now he’s ready to take his political career to the next stage.


He’s running to complete the term of the long-serving Republican congressman Don Young, who died last month at age 88. A special primary will be held on 11 June.


As for Claus’s politics: he’s been called “a bastion of blue on a city council as red as Rudolph’s nose”. He says voters who look at Sanders’ policy platform can get a pretty good idea of his own, including support for Medicare for All, racial justice, corporate accountability, and free and fair elections. 


Click on the link for the full article

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Herschel Walker spent years promoting health products with dubious claims


Senate candidate Herschel Walker has spent years promoting and developing health-conscious products with dubious benefits and a skepticism from the medical community, a review by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has found.


Through the two decades that Walker has been retired from professional football, the Republican frontrunner has repeatedly tried to cash in on his career as a legendary athlete with a striking physique.


He looked to “revolutionize” the health market with products he said would prevent aging, help weight loss and even protect against the damages of smoking—despite little evidence, his company admitted in filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.


In many cases, the products were commercial failures, cost Walker and his business partners millions of dollars and put his companies into deep debt, for which creditors have repeatedly sued Walker and his associates to recover, as revealed by previous reporting by the AJC.


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Walker has more recently promoted a product that he said “will kill any COVID on your body” despite no evidence for his claim.


Soon after Walker retired from professional football, he founded Renaissance Man, Inc. Through this company, Walker developed, sold and became the spokesperson for Aloe-Lu-Ya, an aloe-based drink.


In promotional materials, Aloe-Lu-Ya was described as containing “ActiVin”, a grape seed extract that the company’s marketing claimed protected against damage caused by smoking cigarettes, among other benefits.


Aloe-Lu-Ya was launched through Walmart in 1999 but was a “commercial failure”, Walker’s company said in a later SEC filing.


In 2002, the company merged with American Consolidated Mining Co. and was renamed American Consolidated Management Group (ACMG). Walker was appointed as president and CEO.


Through this new company, Walker and his business partners began developing Sunutra. Like with Aloe-Lu-Ya, Walker and his company portrayed Sunutra as a way to ward off disease.

In its marketing, the company boasted of the “phytonutrients” within Sunutra, a plant extract which included three to five servings of fruits and vegetables per serving. These phytonutrients reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke and more, the company said in government filings.


The company noted, though, in its legally-required disclosures to Wall Street investors, the medical community did not share this view.


“These beliefs are not supported by medical evidence generally accepted by the medical community,” the company said in an SEC filing.


Click on the link for more of the grifting

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1 hour ago, LadySkinsFan said:

I'm voting on Monday. I just got another text message from the Republican running for mayor. I texted back that There's no way in Hell I'll vote for a Republican.  Then Stop so I won't get anymore texts.

Liberal cancel culture

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Republican who refuses to bend the knee to Trump surges in Ohio Senate race


The field of candidates chasing Ohio’s GOP Senate nomination has pledged allegiance to former President Donald Trump and beaten a path to Mar-a-Lago.


But not Matt Dolan. The state senator has declined to kiss the ring, and instead run as a traditional conservative — pouring $10.6 million of his own money into the effort.


Now, after languishing at the bottom of the polls since joining the Republican field, Dolan is finding that his strategy is finally showing signs of paying off.


Days before the May 3 primary, Dolan appears to be experiencing a late burst of momentum. While J.D. Vance — who received Trump’s endorsement last week — has surged into first place according to the most recent Fox News poll, Dolan was the only other top contender to gain ground in the poll since last month. A separate poll released Tuesday by Blueprint Polling actually placed Dolan in first place with 18 percent of the vote, followed by Vance at 17 percent.


Click on the link for the full article

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6 minutes ago, China said:

But not Matt Dolan. The state senator has declined to kiss the ring, and instead run as a traditional conservative — pouring $10.6 million of his own money into the effort.

"Could you please list the policies in which you differ from all Republican policies of the last 30 years?"

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3 hours ago, 88Comrade2000 said:

With Roe V Wade to be struck down; who does this help in midterms?


As I said in the other thread, I can only hope that this gets woman and pro choice people to vote in record numbers because "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."


I don't hold out much hope though.

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  • Cooked Crack changed the title to Election 2022 (Dems in charge of Senate. Reps take the House. Herschel Walker headed back home to ignore his children )

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