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Jordan Reed Is In Concussion Protocol


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2 hours ago, joeken24 said:

I'm just not sure if the players association can quantify what you're proposing. I think you'd have more defensive players getting placed in protocol if that be the case.

My point is that if Reed gets seriously injured it's going to come back on whatever team he plays for and that team and the league will get blamed for not taking care of the players.


Reed needs to smarten up or some of those union delegates need to approach him or have a process for players who have accumulated a ridiculous amount of concussions.  There's a lack of process to segway the player out of football gracefully.  It will be tough to tell a player they can never play football again but if you have a support system, you may see players have an easier time.


I just wonder if a guy like Reed is a ticking time bomb, is the fact that you are no longer showing concussion symptoms mean you're healthy enough to play NFL football?


I guess so, good luck with that.

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